The words Mata is actually only spoken by the Malaysian's Chinese. Early time police was labelled as mata-mata in Malay which mean "Eyes" that look after the country/town. Then it was widely use by the local's Chinese and called them in Cantonese as "Martah"

Parking Mata by UnwireNet is the first smartphone app that can help Malaysian drivers to steer clear of "summons" by alerts via smarthphone there are parking parking attendants in the vicinity of their vehicles.

Through this app, the users of Parking Mata can be a reporter when spotted there are Parking Attendants around by sending notification to the drivers nearby to avoid summons.

The app is easy to use.

1. When park your car - TAP the "PARK" button.
2. Saw parking attendants - TAP the "SAW MATA" button to warn others nearby
3. When you are leaving - TAP the "UnPark" button.

Parking Mata will be available soon to all smartphone devices starting with Android via Android Market on 8th September 2011, followed by iOS via AppStore on 8th October 2011 and Nokia via OviStore on 8th November 2011.

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Source: Parking Mata


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