Apple has just sent out invitation to the US American for an event that will held on 4th of October at Apple's Cupertino, California HQ.

The event titled "Let's talk iPhone" and 4 familiar icons were on the invitation which make everyone wonder what's the meaning behind the icons?

The first icon is very obvious the date of the event happening, 4th October, the second is the time 1000hrs which about 0100hrs (Malaysia +8 GMT), the third is gives us the location of the event, the Apple's Campus at Cupertino, California. The fourth is a bit out of puzzle, a bold guess "iPhone gonna be No.1 smartphone"?

This event will mark the first time Apple's new CEO, Tim Cook, takes the stage to announce an Apple new product.

Would they introduce a cheaper version of iPhone 4? iOS 5? Facebook integration?



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