Since the Nokia N97 released, numbers of user has reported issues regarding with the device. A major Firmware of V11.0.021 will be released very soon on 1st of July 20o9 according to NokiaConversation over twitter[at]nokconv.

Expected more free RAM, more responsive, fixed for the screen not illuminating after unlocking and sorted out all the bugs


An interesting Nokia N97 advertisment.

"Nokia N97, Online It Happen"


N97Geek has run 5 crazy stress test on the new Nokia 97.

Check the videos below.

Nokia N97 Stress Test 1 - Screen Scratch Test

Test 1: Screen scratch test. They used the stylus, a coin and a key to test just how scratch resistant the screen on the Nokia N97 is. The result? Hardly a mark on the screen. I really don't think you'd need a screen protector. Though I guess it always adds an extra layer of protection.

Nokia N97 Stress Test 2 - Pocket Test

Test 2: Pocket test. They placed the phone in a bag, along with coins and keys to see what damage could be done if you accidentally put the phone in your pocket with other stuff. Once again the N97 come out unscathed. Top marks so far.

Nokia N97 Stress Test 3 - Paintwork Scratch Test

Test 3: Paintwork scratch test. This time they tested how easily the paint work scuffed and scratched. Overall I we were pretty impressed with how well the paint work held up. The most fragile paintwork was on the rim of the keypad where the paint flaked off pretty easily, though generally this part of the phone will be protected by the keypad

Nokia N97 Stress Test 4 - Cereal Test

Test 4: Cereal test: So just what happens if you drop your N97 in a bowl of cereal? Well it gets wet obviously. The phone is still fully functioning at this point, minus the menu key.

Nokia N97 Stress Test 5 - Wash Test

Test 5: Wash test: If you happen to drop your N97 in a bowl of cornflakes, you're gonna need to wash it off right? Well no, not exactly, but for testing purposes we did. As you'll see in the video, washing with soap and water put the N97 out of action for roughly 2.5 hours, but minus some condensation on the screen.

Nokia N97 Stress Test 6 - Drop Test

Test 6: Drop test: The handset is dropped on grass, gravel and concrete from both hip and head height to see what damage is caused should you accidentally drop the phone. Again the N97 has withstood a battering.


Ovi Suite 2.0 by Nokia Betalabs is a Nokia desktop application that allow you to manage your Ovi account and your device like Nokia PC Suite via desktop in slimmer, lighter and faster access.

Ovi Suite 2.0 offers a new, more user-friendly approach to Nokia PC software with a complete new UI for easy access to your files and imformation as all the functionalities within one windows.

Key features of Ovi Suite 2.0;

Move messages, contacts, photos, videos, music and more between your computer,
your Nokia device and share your photos on Ovi

Keep your Nokia device
and computer in sync, update your Nokia device with the latest software, and
keep your valuable content safe and accessible everywhere

Sign in with
Nokia Account and discover a range of great Ovi services: share your photos and
videos with your friends & family or download the maps you need

Compatibility and system requirements;

Should works on most of the Nokia devices based on S60 3rd, S60 5th, or S40 6.1 or newer.

As for PC; Supported Windows Vista SP1, XP SP2 or newer and Windows 7 RC. System requirment 2GB HDD space, 1GHz processor, 64MB display memory, 512MB RAM and Bluetooth.

Nokia Ovi Suite 2.0 can be downloaded HERE


Nokia N86 8MP are now available in Malaysia with RRP of RM1880 MYR.

The specification were as I reviewed few days ago, Nokia N86 8MP.


Album art is an images embedded of an album in a music.

Not all music has album art embedded along with the music you purchased or ripped from a CD.

Below are some example.

Music without Album art.

Music with Album art.

Album art refreshed the music playback interface outlook.

Here's the trick to add image on a non-albumarted music.
It's only applicable for MP3 format, WMA are not supported.

First you need to download the photo album that you wanted to use for the album art. Suggestion images.google

Play the song with Windows Media Player 9 or above.

Go to "Library", "Now Playing", right click on the song you want and select "Advanced Tag Editor"

Under the Advanced Tag Editor, go to Pictures Tabs and click add. Select the photo you have downloaded, change the picture type to "Cover (front)" and click apply.

Now you have your own custom album art of your music.

Work perfectly on any Nokia phone with Album Art support.


Nokia N86 8mp, the award winner of the prestigious TIPA Award for the Best Mobile Imaging Device in 2009 is shipping worldwide a week ago and just landed on UK few hours ago and will be at the flagship store in London.

The Nokia N86 8mp were the successor of the Nokia 85 with the major improvement of the camera. This is the Nokia first cameraphone with 8mp features a Carl Zeiss Tessar lens, 3264X2448 resolution, 28mm wide, variable apperture of f2.4, f3.2 & f4.8 allow it take photo easily in any manner of high/low light enviroment. It has the third generation dual LED flash which able to produce brighter light compare with previous units.

The photos taken with N86mp can be easily geotagged, thanks to the integrated GPS and can be share breezely by uploading it to Nokia's Ovi Service.

The processor of N86 has been upgraded from ARM 11 369MHz to 434MHz, this would increase the performance of the application execution and multitasking. The N86 will runs on a mature platform of Symbian S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 on Symbian OS 9.3. Beside that the internal memory has been generously increased from 85MB to 8GB and expandable with microSD.

The screen of the N86 retained with 2.6-inch widescreen AMOLED display 16million which are brighter, increased colour range, improved contrast ratio and low power consumption.

As for the design, it has dual slider same as the elderest N95, better-press individual buttons design. The front design of the N86 8mp has similar look with N97 beside smaller and non touch UI screen. It also given a kickstand like what N96 firstly introduced, to be able to place the angled phone in landscape orientation on any flat surface for watching video and photo slideshow.

Connectivity available for this N86 8mp are 3.5G HSDPA 3.6mbps, WiFi 802.11b/g, Bluetooth A2DP, FM Transmitter, A-GPSand micro USB V2.0. For GPS, N86 8mp has come with Ovi Maps 3.0 a big step forward from Nokia Maps 2.0. A seven days drive license and lifetime pedestrian navigation (worldwide) will be given.

All the N-series phone are featured with N-Gage service out of the box. About 15 trial N-Gage are installed and one redeemable game is given in the set.

That a simple hardware review of Nokia N86 8mp. Hope I will able to get my hand a unit to review in more other aspects especially the camera output when it’s available in Malaysia.

The Nokia N86 takes a tour of Helsinki.

Check out the video and photos taken with N86 8mp.


Now when you buy a Nokia Comes With Music phone like Nokia 5800 XpressMusic you will be getting unlimited Music downloads.

Over millions of songs from all major labels you can download legally and the best things you can keep it forever.

See the video below to see how it works.

For more info NokiaComesWithMusic


Nokia Betalabs has released a new update of Nokia Photo Browser V0.09(5)

Nokia Photo Browser is an experimental photo browser that makes your viewing experience quick and fun:

  • Pleasing visual effects
  • Intuitive touch UI
  • Magnifying glass
  • Face detection browsing

Look at the video to below to see how it works.

The new updates applied;

Better zoom image quality which only needs a few seconds to load the sharper image.

Faster responding and seamlessly while browser the photos.

Menu buttons make available now by long press in the grid view to bring it up.

You may also rotate the photos

send photos via MMS, Bluetooth and Upload to web.

the exit button are now available.

Nokia Photo Browser can be download;

S60 5th Edition devices + S60 3rd Edition FP2 with accelerometer can be download HERE
Works best on Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and N97. Should works fine with N86, E66, E75, 6720 classic, 5730 XpressMusic, E55, N85, N96-3, 6210 Navigator and N96

S60 3rd Edition FP1 devices + S60 3rd Edition FP2 devices without acceleromoter can be download HERE
Works with Nokia E71, N82, N95 6710 Navigator, 5320 XpressMusic, 6650, 6220 classic, N78, 6124 classic, E63, E51, N95-3 NAM, N81, 6121 classic N81 8GB, 6120 classic, 6110 Navigator, 5700 XpressMusic, N76, and 6290.


Nokia has announced 3 new Nokia phones at The Nokia Connection event in Singapore 3 days back.

Nokia 5530 XpressMusic

The new sibling of Nokia 5800 XpressMusic in a slightly smaller and sleeker size. Nokia 5520 is based on same OS platform which is Symbian S60 5th.

It's a music player of all you needs with Media Bar drop-down like Nokia 5800 has for quick access to music/video player, browser, photos and share online. Video playback at 640X360 widescreen, 3.5mm audio plug for headset and hot-swappable MicroSD (4Gb Memory included).

There are no more physical buttons of menu, answer and end call, has a full touch screen with tactile feedback on large screen.

3.2 megapixel camera with LED flash retained. Bluetooth, WiFi and EDGE enabled for connection needs.

A major changes that would favour is the home screen with new Contact Bar that allow to have up to 20 contacts, making it easy to send a message, review conversation history or follow the contact's feed. Not that all Nokia 5530 also allow to define 4 shortcuts for the home screen (eg. Facebook, Twitter & more)

A pure music player phone after removed GPS and 3G becoming it an affordable full touch screen phone for all.

The Nokia 5530 XpressMusic expected start shipping in the 3rd quarter of 2009 and estimated price at €199 retail before taxes and subsidies.

Nokia E72

Nokia E72 successor of Nokia E71 that has the very best of Nokia's most sucessful QWERTY device.

Nokia E72 has been refined with some sleek design touches and improvement of the user interface.

The optical navigation key make scrolling through emails a breeze and helps bounce around the menu quickly and easily.

Nokia has been generously enough embedded it with 5 megapixel camera with Auto Focus. In connectivity wise, Nokia E72 has the 10.2Mbps connections over HSDPA for heavy data usages.

3.5mm audio jack are now available on top of the device.

Nokia Messaging is also on board (with a lifetime license) and now supports access and easy set up for Instant Messaging accounts including Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk and Ovi, amongst others. Email set up is even easier than before through Nokia Messaging, Mail for Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes Traveler.

Active noise cancellation and digital compass has been embedded. Maps are also integrated and comes with a lifetime walk and 10 days of turn-by-turn navigation.

Torch is also available with a single press on the spacebar to turn on light to work as torchlight.

Nokia E72 expected start shipping in the 3rd quarter of 2009 at an estimated retail price of €350 before taxes and subsidies.

Nokia 3710 Fold

Nokia 3710 fold is Nokia's latest clamshell camera phone with 3G enable based on Symbian S40 platform.

Nokia 3710 fold are dressed with 3.2 megapixel camera with flash allowed to take quality photos and easily share them online via services like Ovi Share by fast connection of 3G.

It has a 2.2" QVGA screen, secondary camera, A-GPS, Bluetooth and Radio.

Nokia 3710 expected on sale in the fourth quarter of 2009 for the price of €140.


Nokia Malaysia is having a "The Nokia E75 Quirky QWERTY Contest"

It's simple, all you need to do is send the quirkiest, the most unconventional, plain far-out email your've ever received and you may win yourself a brand new Nokia E75.

  • All you need to do is create an Ovi Mail for free at http://mail.ovi.com for new account;
  • Use your Ovi Mail account and write less than 300 words or less about the quirkiest email you've ever come across.
  • Include you FULLNAME and MOBILE NUMBER at the end.
  • Send it to QuirkyQwerty@ovi.com
  • You may be the winner of the Nokia E75.

Contest ends 24th June 2009


Facebook has become a very happening tools to get peoples connected like Nokia do.

Hereby Nokia has developed Facebook Application for Symbian S60 5th platform for Nokia XpressMusic 5800 and the new Nokia N97.

Facebook Application can be downloaded from Ovi Store.

If you doesn't have an Ovi account do create one and download the Ovi Store Application for ease accessing of Ovi Store.

Logon menu of the Facebook Application.

You be able to access to the facebook like you did on the web with all the buttons and menu around.

Some screenshot of the Facebook Application;


Sonic Unleashed by Gameloft.

Everyone’s favorite hedgehog breaks new ground yet maintains his roots in Sonic Unleashed, featuring a new side of Sonic and bringing a dual gameplay. Dr. Eggman unleashes a powerful ray, that not only divides the world into four continents, but has an unexpected transformation on Sonic’s state. Sonic must retrieve the power of the Chaos Emeralds from across the globe to save the world… and himself! Benefit from Sonic’s legendary high speed capabilities by day, and use unfathomable new powers and abilities as you transform into the Werehog at night, and chase after your arch-enemy, Dr. Eggman!

Unleash the wild side of Sonic in a new game that mixes the iconic high-speed rollercoaster style of the Hedgehog with the heavy action of Werehog.

This Sonic Unleashed has make available for the touch screen phone like Nokia XpressMusic 5800 & N97 with virtual joypad and control on the screen.

The graphic of this game is superb on big screen like XpressMusic 5800 & N97 and given Sega feel. The biggest pullback, it's a non multitouch games with Nokia.

Download link source from nokiaseries.com


Best Screen Snap by Smartphoneware is an application based on Symbian S60 5th that works like "PrintScreen" in our computer. Capture screenshot on your Nokia Symbian phone and saved as files or send to friends or desktop.

  • Configurable hotkey to make a screenshot.
  • Sound notification after taking screenshot
  • Supports true colour BMP, 256 colour BMP, and JPG
  • Ability to send image via Bluetooth, Infrared, MMS or email.
  • Auto-generated image name.
  • Ability to set up where to save screenshots.

Some of you may have encounter screenshot in landscape mode and output such images as below.

where the screenshot supposed to output images like below.

It's a bug of this application that has not resolved.

The only way to have landscape screenshot is to allow the accelerometer to sense your phone it's in landscape mode only run the Best Screen Snap application.

Best Screen Snap is a freeware and can be download HERE.

Works on Nokia XpressMusic 5800 and N97.


Download the required files as below;

1. Download Garmin Mobile XT for Symbian S60 3rd, current version 5.00.50 link
2. Download Garmin Mobile XT Free Basemap link
3. Download Garmin XT Support Files link
4. Download GM-MySinMXT from malfreemaps, current version 1.60 link
(This is Malaysia and Singapore maps and required to register in order to download the map files)

- Connect XM 5800 to the computer via USB and select "Mass Storage" or remove the phone memory card and connect via card reader.

- Execute the files that you have downloaded in your computer, one after another;
1. Garmin Mobile XT Free Basemap
2. Garmin Mobile XT Support Files
3. Garmin Mobile XT V 5.00.50

- Disconnect the XM 5800 or the memory card from the computer.

- Go to phone application and run Garmin XT.
(Note : If you unable to find the Garmin Application, search for GarminXT.sis file on the root of your memory card and execute it)

- Garmin XT will prompted for activation/product keys. You can purchase the program from Garmin or continue using the program.

- For time been, it won’t be able to detect the in-built GPS unit and it will search for Bluetooth GPS.

- Here come a "PROGRAM" for tweaking to enable the in-built GPS to be recognised. I won’t be able to provide you any link of the "PROGRAM". *cough* google *cough*

- Continue using the Garmin and navigate to Setting > System > About and write down the ID Card.

- Run the "PROGRAM" and paste the ID Card to generated a code.

- Copy the code onto Notepad and save it as SW.unl.
(Note : Make sure it has saved it as SW.unl and not SW.unl.txt. To ensure that, go to Folder Option and uncheck "Hide extension for known files types")

- Reconnect the XM5800 to computer and copy the SW.UNL file into \Garmin\ in your memory card.

- Now execute GM-MySinMXT.exe and select the directory to "memory card:\Garmin\MalfreeMaps".

- Select "Original Roads (For Streetpilots & Nuvis & MobileXT)

- Prompted "Do you wish to create a gmapsupp.img?" Select "Yes" and click Generate Map.

- MFM gmapsupp.img has been created. Do you want to copy it into your GPS device? "Yes" and browse to memory card:\Garmin.

- Disconnect the XM 5800 and run Garmin XT. It may still search for Bluetooth GPS, ignore it and select Setting > System > Remote GPS change it to “Use Attached/Built-in GPS” and enable.

- The XM 5800 are ready for the 1st satellite lock, it may take some time. After that XM 5800 is ready for navigation with voice support.

Here some screenshots of the Garmin XT.

Main menu.

Potrait mode and in day time view.

Landscape mode and night time view. Work perfectly with big screen like XpressMusic 5800 and N97.

The Navigation arrow can be change to some good looking vehicles icons and can be download link
- Just download and create a folder name "Vehicle" in \Garmin\ and paste in it.

After that go to tools > setting> maps> vehicle.

Garmin XT works on most S60 3rd & 5th like N82, N85, N86, N95, N96, N97, E71, XpressMusic 5800 and etc.


Are you a fan of Twitter?

Installed TweetDeck or maybe Destroy Twitter widgets on your computer to stay update?

There's a Application that works almost the same on our mobile phone and allow us to stay connected and update with Nokia Symbian OS.

Gravity by Mobileways. Supported S60 3rd and S60 5th (5800 & N97).

Home screen of Gravity.

Timeline screen.


You even can twitpic directly when you have shoot any interesting photos and wanted to share with fren via twitter.

An ideal application for those Twitter lovers that love to move around to update.

Connectivity can be via Data/3G and WiFi.

Gravity is a shareware program and can be downloaded from Gravity for 10 days trial.
Gravity can be purchased at $9.95 USD / MYR 36.79.

There is *cough* version but do advise to purchase, appreciate the efforts of the developers.

Recommended Mobile Internet Data Package of 1MB, 5MB or Unlimited.

Do you Twitter? Do follow me at tallboyz


Desktop, Laptop and now can be found in pocket.

Nokia has brought up another successor of Nokia N-series from N95 to N96 and now N97.

Nokia N97 has improved over it's sibling Nokia 5800XM by adding;

  • Huge 3.5" TFT resistive touchscreen over 3.2"
  • Massive interal storage of 32GB and expandable up to 46GB with microSD card.
  • Titling display and physical QWERTY keyboard.
  • 5MP Carls Zeiss lens compare with 3.2MP of 5800XM.

N97 are based on the same OS with 5800XM Symbian S60 5th platform. A powerful, responsive and stable Symbian ever made. Bugs and errors were mostly resolved with 5800XM .

The combination of large 3.5" touch screen and QWERTY keyboard fulfilled the needs of the internet-savvy consumers, perfectly for web browsing, blogging, posting, emailing and messages texting.

16:9 and HD video quality playback and record matched with excellent music capabilities allowed us to enjoy the best experience of entertainment.

5MP camera with high quality Carls Zeiss optic capable to shot superior quality of photos.

Full specification of N97 can be found in GSMArena

Nokia N97 will be expected on the shelves in Mid of June 2009 with the RRP of RM2480.

Simply unbelieveable as the early N95 and N96 was price tagged RM3k+ and above.


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