Nokia Ovi Suite has a new update V. Just click the update tab on the right column of Nokia Ovi Suite to update it manually.

If you doesn't have one, you can download it HERE


With Google Mobile App - Search by Voice it can "Speak your queries and get your results with Google"

It's just as simple as you speak "Picture of Michael Jackson" all the images from the web will be listed out same go with web search engine.

Not that all, it also tag where you are to provide search result centered. Eg; you are in KL and you are looking for a Brazilian Restaurant, it will able to get the result restaurants within your location.

Below a short video of the how Google Mobile App works;

Google Mobile App works fine on Nokia "N" & "E" series with Symbian S60 3rd and S60 5th OS platform.

Some screen shots of the application that installed on my Nokia N97 mini.

This application is totally FREE and can be download at m.google.com via your mobile phone.


Smartphoneware has just released a new version of Best Screen Snap V2.0 that resolved old problem of the previous version Best Screen Snap V1.0. Rotation of screen captures are now enabled.

Best Screen Snap is an application that works like "PrintScreen" in our computer.

  • Configurable hotkey to make a screenshot.
  • Sound notification after taking screenshot.
  • Landscape & Portrait screen captures.
  • Supports true colour BMP, 256 colour BMP, and JPG
  • Ability to send image via Bluetooth, Infrared, MMS or email.
  • Auto-generated image name.
  • Ability to set up where to save screenshots.
Download your Best Screen Snap V2.0 now.

Supported Nokia Symbian S60 3rd & S60 5th OS platform. Eg; Nokia 5800XPM, 5530XPM, 5230XPM, N82, N85, N86 8MP, N95, N96, N97, N97 mini and more.


Nokia has released new firmware updates for Nokia N95, N95 8GB and N82 to V35.

Nokia N95 V35.0.002
Nokia N95 8GB V35.0.001
Nokia N82 V35.0.002

There are no changelog available for time being, will source out the changelog as soon as possible. Remember to back up all your data before the update as it does not feature User Data Preservation.

The firmware update can be done via NSU.

"Nokia did not abandoned the old model after all"


Nokia Heard Us! Nokia Betalabs has just released the 2nd beta version of Nokia Messaging for Social Network.

Twitter has been added in this latest Nokia Messaging that make tweeting even more convenient with Nokia handset.

These are some enhancement added-on after the 1st Nokia Messaging introduced back in September of what the users/beta testers commented and feedback received for improvement of the apps;

  • Upload pictures and videos
  • Events: View upcoming events, birthdays and import to device calendar
  • Search friends
  • Click-to-call / click-to-SMS / click-to-FB Email

Key features of Nokia Messaging

  • Contextual homescreen widget – jump directly to your Facebook and Twitter posts and tweets to comment.
  • Live Facebook and Twitter updates pushed to your phone homescreen
  • Update your status on Twitter
  • View / reply to your Tweets
  • Communication choices – multiple ways to interact with your friends and social network circles straight from the client (e.g. post a comment, call, SMS, or email)
  • Share your current location and your points of interest in a post or in a message leveraging device GPS location and Ovi Maps (e.g. view friends’ location, add your location)
  • Multi pictures uploads
  • Video uploads
  • Search
  • Full profile support
  • Save Facebook invites to phone calendar
  • Events: View upcoming events, birthdays
  • Support for Nokia N97, Nokia N97 Mini, Nokia 5800. More device support coming

For more further understands of this apps, you can view the short videos below

Nokia Messaging for Social Networks Beta 2 can be download from Nokia Betalabs.

Do follow me on Twitter for more updates!

[Via NokiaBetalabs]


Nokia has just added a new touchscreen smartphone in XpressMusic line up.

Nokia 5235 XpressMusic, which bring "Nokia Comes With Music" with unlimited Free Songs download from Nokia Music Store.

The New Nokia 5235 is fully optimized for Music Lovers, you can access your music with one tap of the Media Bar. The music playback are up to 33 hours with a single charge.

It has a 2 MP camera, running on S60 5th edition Symbian OS, a 3.5 mm AV connector, 320 MB internal memory with 16GB micro SD support.

Screen size is 3.2" 16M colours (640X360) nHD display. Integrated Assisted-GPS with Nokia Ovi Maps

With Nokia 5235 you get instant access to millions of free songs. Comes With Music means you get as much music as you want for free - and you can keep it forever.

The Nokia 5235 XPM will be expected to be on Nokia's stores shelf on the first quarter 2010 with RRP €145.

[via NokiaConv]


Owe a gold necklace? a gold watch? or even a piece of gold teeth? How about a Nokia phone covered with 18k-carat of gold finish. This luxurious Nokia 6700 Classic Gold Edition will be going on sale in selected market.

This Nokia 6700 Classic Gold Edition based on Symbian S40 OS platform.

Here are few key features of the phone;

  • 2.2" Screen with 16M colours
  • 3G with HSDPA & HSUPA
  • 5 MP camera with AF and LED flash
  • Assisted-GPS
A regular Nokia 6700 RRP is 235 euros and this Gold Edition will be expected 370 euros.

What do you think? Would you buy if it's available in your country? Do leave you comments here.

[Via TheNokiaBlog]


New update available for Nokia Messaging of version 10.1 with size of 2.1Mb.

How to check software update?
Go to Apps - Software Update, refresh for updates. *Data downloads and uploads are required

I've just updated on my Nokia N97 mini and all of my previous mails are still intact. I notice the download mail seem faster than the previous. There's no actual changelog released for time been.

[Via SymbianGuru]


Last week I've attended Nokia Social Messaging Workshop in collaboration of lately launched Nokia E72 organised by Nokia Malaysia and Text100 at Italiannies, The Garden.

I was given the chance to have a hand on with the new Nokia E72.

Nokia E72 are the great successor of Nokia E71 with better improvement such as;

Intuitive Optical Navi Key
5MP with Auto Focus
Support Multiple Simultaneous Email Accounts
Better Processing Speed of 600Mhz
HSDPA Maximum Speed of 10.2Mbps
Nokia Maps 3.0
Equipped with more Standard Audio Jack 3.5mm

It's has Nokia Messaging service with lifetime license supporting Microsoft Live Messager, Yahoo! Messenger, Ovi Chat, GoogleTalk and more. All of the IM can be run simultaneous with the service.

The intuitive optical navi key made mails navigation and web browsing greater experience as it's in kinetic scrolling.

The camera was superb with a super bright LED to work as flash.

Below are some photos I've took during the event;

Click on the images for larger view.


Last week I have list out 5 Things I Hate Nokia N97 mini Today I'm gonna list down 5 things What I Love About Nokia N97 mini

The Built Quality

The built quality has improved from it's brother N97 which used all pastic material for its high-end status. This time Nokia N97 mini has used stainless steel material for its battery cover and tougher material for its body.

Overall it feel more solid and tougher.

Comfortable Physical QWERTY Keyboard

Nokia N97 mini QWERTY keyboard are really comfortable to press by having 3 rows on layout in total of 38 keys (having 2 characters each, hold key to change character)

4 arrows keys were position on the right side as same position as the PC keyboard and the space bar located middle enough for ease to reach

Browsing experience improved with QWERTY keyboard present unlike non-keyboard phone such as Nokia 5800 XPM which required changes menu to input keys/numbers.

5 Megapixel Camera Make Imaging Handy

It has a 5 mp camera Carl Zeiss Optic lens on the back of the phone accompany by dual LED flash that remarkable bright to have night shot.

With a phone that has 5 mp camera, it can be as handy as bring a Digital Camera with phone function, good enough to shoot images on the go.

Outstanding Entertainment

It's has an large screen size of 3.2" made a pleasure of viewing accompany with splendid audio quality, loud & clear.

Kinetic Scrolling

The new version of firmware 2.0 with Kinetic Scrolling were pre-installed on Nokia N97 mini. Kinetic scrolling made better browsering experience no matter on web, images or files searching.

This feature has also just implemented on the current Nokia N97 on the latest firmware.

Richness In Connectivity

This smartphone devices has all it's need connectivity to stay connected with peoples no matter in voice/data need.

A global network support by Nokia N97 mini in both 2G and 3G connection that are quad-band (GPRS, EDGE, and 3G with HSDPA)

WiFi are made available as easy as 2 step to get connected.

Assisted GPS

It's come with a built-in GPS pre-installed with Ovi Maps 3.0. With the large screen of 3.2", navigation made easier and clear by Ovi Maps by support 2D & 3D as well as Hybrid and Satellite maps navigation.

Variety 3rd Party Applications

Thousand of apps & games are available tailor for N97 mini and easily can be found via Ovi Store.


Finally released Facebook Client for Nokia E71 & E72 and it's free to download at Ovi Store.

"Facebook ® for Nokia E71/E72 lets you keep up with your friends right at your fingertips. Update your status, see what your friends are up to, upload photos, check messages and lookup phone numbers when you need them anytime and anywhere. Facebook allows you to comment on your friend’s statuses, RSVP to e vent invites and confirm or deny friend requests. The Facebook for Nokia E71/E72 brings Facebook directly to your phone. If Facebook is not available for your device, please check Ovi Store."

[Via Ovi Store]


For those who followed my personal blog, You might have know I've recently bought a Nokia N97 mini. Have been using it for about 2 weeks, here the list of 5 things I hate Nokia N97 mini.

Uncommon Charger USB Port

  • Nokia N97 mini used mini USB port for data communication and power charging but the it's an uncommon one among it's family.
Not Lasting Battery
  • The battery it used was 1200 mAH but would need to charge the phone daily with only some basic usage.
Low Random Access Memory (RAM)
  • Nokia N97 mini and it's elder brother N97 has only 128mb of RAM. It was always a hunger for it to run/execute apps.
Naked Camera Lens

  • Dust and scratches always are the main enemy for the unprotected surface.
No TV-Out  
  • TV-out cable were removed in the packages.

What do you guys think? Feel free to drop me you comments here.

Do follow me on Twitter for more update! Next will be posting 8 things I Love Nokia N97 mini.


Nokia N900 has been an craving must-have gadget for some gadget-geeks.

A Symbian Theme called Maemo Arena based on the Nokia Nseries blue Maemo theme on the Nokia N900 were designed by Themer Mandeep and shared out by FoneArena

Supported phones : N97, N97 mini, 5800XPM, 5530XPM, 5230XPM.

Source [FoneArena]


Fring has just released a new version update with Skype video calls support for Symbian S60 OS platform such as Nokia.

This is the world first Skype mobile video calls over internet claimed by Fring, the best thing is Fring's apps is FREE!

Now for the first time, video call thru internet can be made from mobile devices and also picking up videos calls from any places with internet availability.

2 screen shots of the new Fring on Skype.

A short video to show how Fring works on Skype video calls.

Currently Fring with Skype Video Calls supported on Nokia touch such as Nokia 5800XPM, 5530XPM, N97, N97 mini, X6, N95, N95 8GB, N82 and more.

Download you FRING now.

Source [Fring]


Hahlo doesn't it sound like "Hello"? A common word that used for social networking.

Hahlo 4 is a web Twitter Clients developed by Deanjrobinson. No installation required, fully web based with all it features that twitter has.

Supported all Nokia phones with web browser supports.

Hahlo 4 features;

Quick access to combined timelines like Replies and Messages.
Viewable Tweeters' details profiles with avatars.
Retweetable, favourites & replies.
Auto refresh in all timeline.
Search trends available.

Below are some screenshots of Hahlo 4 with my new Nokia N97 mini.

Browse to www.hahlo.com with your Nokia phone and check out for yourself now.

Do follow me on Twitter for more updates.


A charger exchange program started for a limited number of Nokia-branded chargers. If you have a charger type AC-3E, AC-3U or AC-4U you should visit the Nokia charger exchange website to find out how you can check whether yours needs to be replaced. The exchange program only applies to a restricted number of chargers manufactured over a short period, available in a select number of countries.

During a routine quality control process, Nokia identified a potential product quality issue with certain chargers manufactured by one of its third-party suppliers. The plastic covers of the affected chargers could come loose and separate, exposing the charger’s internal components and potentially posing an electrical shock hazard if certain internal components are touched while the charger is plugged into a live socket. Nokia is not aware of any incidents or injuries related to these chargers.

Only a limited number of chargers of certain model types manufactured by a single third-party supplier during a specific time period are within the scope of the exchange program. They are the AC-3E and AC-3U models, manufactured between June 15, 2009 and August 9, 2009; and the AC-4U model, manufactured between April 13, 2009 and October 25, 2009.
If you have one of the affected chargers, we suggest you stop using it and exchange it for a free replacement. You can find out if yours is eligible for replacement from the Nokia charger exchange website or your local Nokia website.

Source [Nokia Conversation]


I believe most of the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic user out there would have not satisfy with the quality images output from the 3.2mp Carl Zeiss camera.

Here's a tweak that would improve a little of the photos quality.

Below is a comparison that I've done before and after the tweak. No editing applied beside the watermarks.



Shot in Auto mode with Flash Turned Off (low light enviroment)

exif details and the size of the photos before and after.

What I can see here is the size of the photo has been increased, the ISO speed has been reduced to kill the unwanted noise. The details and shadows has slightly improved. The contrast increased as well.


- Download the "10282EDC.txt" below.
- *Enable "open4all" patch with ROM Patcher.
- Copy the "10282EDC.txt" to C:\private\10202BE9\
- Reboot your phone.

*ROM Patcher has to be installed to allow system files changes.


A new version of Live Messenger introduced supporting Nokia touchscreen enable phone S60 5th OS platform such as Nokia 5800, 5530, N97, N97 mini and the upcoming X6.

The interface of the new Live Messenger is as good as the PC version. No advertisement bond with this application like the previous china-version.

It also has built-in email application so you can access to your email seamlessly.

Below some screenshots of the application.

This version of Live Messenger can be download from Nokia Ovi Store.


Good news to all Rihanna fan's out there.

Click the widget below to check out what Rihanna have to say.

Nokia Has just announces the launch of a groundbreaking new global music partnership – Nokia Play 2010 - with the Island Def Jam Music Group (IDJMG) and Universal Music Group International (UMGI). It has marks the coming Nokia X6, a powerful entertainment device in combination with Comes With Music.

This has marks the first unique music partnership of its kinds for Nokia and delives an exciting artist connection to fans across the globe.

International superstar Rihanna will showcase new material from her highly-anticipated forthcoming album Rated R exclusively to a Nokia audience via a globally streamed live performance on November 16th 2009. This ground-breaking event in partnership with Nokia will preview tracks from Rated R – set for a November 23nd release worldwide - performed live from a secret London location.

Streamed live from London, Rihanna will perform for the very first time a select number of tracks from her new album. In front of fans in London and an audience globally, the exclusive gig will showcase Nokia and IDJMG’s ability to bring fans closer to artists, and artists closer to fans via its home on www.nokia.com/rihanna.

This event places Rihanna at the forefront of cutting-edge technology to deliver music and exclusive content to fans, whilst enabling fans to get closer to the live action from wherever they are in the world.

Rihanna fans can:

  • Sign up to watch the live stream
  • Invite their friends to watch the performance simultaneously with them through Facebook and Twitter
  • Download a web widget counting down to the live performance.
  • Download an exclusive Rihanna mobile application from Nokia’s Ovi Store.
  • Download the album with an exclusive track either to their PC or over the air to mobile from Nokia Music Store or Comes With Music.
Register yourself now at www.nokia.com/rihana to secure your place in the making of music history.


Opera has recently released Opera Mini 10 Beta specifically just for Symbian S60 3rd & S60 5th OS platform that supported mostly all Nokia Smartphone.

Installed on my Nokia 5800 XPM and found out that the features and outlook is about the same with the previous Opera Mini 5 Beta.

This version were found faster in term of rendering, zooming, panning and loading compare with the previous version based on Java. Kinectic scrolling were available in this browser.

Below some screenshot of the Opera Mini 10 Beta.

A quick video previewed Opera Mini 10 on Nokia N97.

A new feature introduced "Opera Turbo" it help to load pages faster even on slow connetion.
No up-to-date flash player embedded in the browser thus YouTube videos are not supported.

Opera Mini 10 Beta can be down via Mobile or to PC.

Source [thenokiablog]


Nokia has kicked off a campaign, Offline AS IT HAPPENS, the winning idea will be rewarded with the all new Nokia N900 and what's more, it might even be produced as the next film in the series.

Shoot a video with the theme "What else can happen when your offline?". Be inspired, creative and come up with a great idea. Submit your idea by the 13th Nov 2009 on Nokia Youtube Channel and you might be the one.

Enjoy some videos of the Offline AS IT HAPPENS campaign from Nokia, it might inspired you for more creativity ideas.

Great Fishing

Wedding Catastrophe

Weather or not...

The game of the year

I do love the song very much, what do you think?


I believe a lot Nokia 5800 XPM users were prayed very hard for a major firmware update add-on new homescreen with kinetic scrolling.

A member of dailymobile manage to export Vodafone Orange Home Screen with kinetic scrolling and landscape enable.

Below some screenshots from my 5800 XPM with Orange Vodafone Homescreen.

A quick video of the Orange Homescreen.

Installation of the homescreen can be found at dailymobile. [Registration required]

Any inquires of the installation do drop me a comment / e mail.

Do you have a Twitter account? Do follow me on Twitter for more update.


For those who own Nokia N97 and has updated the firmware to 2.0, Vlingo is the new app that pre-installed with it. Beside that, Nokia E72 and N97 mini also preloaded with this app.

What is Vlingo?

Vlingo is a voice recognition command app. You can sending text & email messages, call a friend, search the Web, create a "note to self" or to-do-list and more by speaking to your Nokia phone.

Below is a quick video of how Vlingo works;

There are a free version but limits the amount of text messages and emails to 5 each. As for Vlingo Plus has unlimited amount of SMS & emails. Vlingo Plus license can be purchased at $4.99 for 30days while the full license is $19.99

Vlingo is compatible and tested works with;

  • Nokia N95
  • Nokia N95 8GB
  • Nokia E51
  • Nokia E71
  • Nokia E75
  • Nokia 5530 XpressMusic
  • Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
Vlingo can be download at Ovi Store or directly from Vlingo.

Source [TheNokiaBlog]


Ever purchased applications or games with Ovi Store and the apps and games were lost/gone when your phone hard reset.

Now fear no more, Nokia with Ovi Store has released a new update of Ovi Store brings with it a simple way to restore any content that you have purchased or downloaded.

Below a quick video of the redownload enable apps and games from Ovi Store.

Source [Nokia Conversations]


Another minor firmware update available for Nokia 5800 XPM via NSU and FOTA. As you can see the size were only 513kB, believe is to fix some minor bugs that has on the previous version.

Changelog of the new firmware;

  • Fixed the bug finally closed the browser load pages if suddenly too big
  • Significantly improved the speed of the satellite fix with OVI Maps 3.0
  • OVI Maps 3.1 is pre-installed in the phone (with firmware version 31.0.008 instead was 3.0 pre-installed, and not the v. 3.1)
  • Increased free RAM
  • Solved the "terrible" bug alarm
  • Increased speed of the system
  • More quality of photos taken in places with poor lighting
  • Now is an icon with a battery that all green appears next to the popup message warns you when battery fully charged.
  • Added an option to choose the font size of the writing of the phone (you located in Settings-Phone-Display)

Kinetic scrolling and widget homescreen yet to applied on this firmware.

source [Persian-forum]


Mobbler is a Last.fm radio player and scrobbler for Symbian smartphones. It allows you to listen to your Last.fm radio stations and to scrobble tracks played using the standard music player.

You can get unlimited musics free flow playback whenever you want.
*Warning - Data connection required for this application. WiFi support.

Supported S60 3rd & S60 5th (Touch Screen)

Mobbler can be downloaded HERE.

Credit [Mobbler]


Nokia N97 mini RAOUL is ready pre-order for Malaysia and it's only limited to 1,000 phones..

The RRP for this Nokia N97 mini RAOUL Limited Edition only RM2550.00 and it's come with 2 colours to choose from Cherry Black & Garnet.

Specification of Nokia N97 mini can be found at GSMArena

The Nokia N97 mini RAOUL Limited Edition has extra treat for the style-conscious with the RAOUL Limited Edition come emblaxoned with RAOUL's signature stripes on an additional back cover and accessories with a calf-skin leather pouch and matching leather dangler, set in exclusive black Saffiano leather-wrapped box. It also has preloaded with Fashion Asia app featuring latest runway looks and videos.

That's not all, in additional you will receive a complimentary RAOUL Gold membership with RM100 credit.

For those who pre-order before 29th October 2009* you will get RM100 Nokia voucher and RM100 RAOUL voucher.
*Only for limited period prior to launch of the Phone.

So to be the one of the thousand to own the Limited Edition Nokia N97 mini RAOUL, you can walk into any of the participating outlets to place your order now;

RAOUL stores:
Suria KLCC (Tel: 03-2078 7845)
Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur (Tel: 03- 2141 6136)
The Gardens, Mid Valley City (Tel: 03- 2287 4587)
One Utama, Petaling Jaya (Tel: 03-7728 0849)
Nokia stores:
Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur (Tel: 03-2141 5035)
The Gardens, Mid Valley City (Tel: 03-2284 3929)
Suria KLCC (Tel: 03-2070 0190)
Plaza Low Yat, Kuala Lumpur (Tel: 03-2144 1928)
One Utama, Petaling Jaya (Tel: 03-7725 3306)
Jusco Taman Maluri, Kuala Lumpur (Tel: 03-9282 9446)
The Curve, Petaling Jaya (Tel: 03-7725 0396)
Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur (Tel: 03-2284 0629)
Sunway Pyramid, Petaling Jaya (Tel: 03-7492 1906)
AEON Bukit Tinggi, Klang (03-3326 2897)
The Spring, Kuching, Sarawak (082-429348)
Brown Road, Penang (04-229 9929)
Collection date: You will be informed by a RAOUL or Nokia personnel on the collection date.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Nokia reserves the right to amend promotions or replace any premiums without prior notice.
  • Promotion ends 29th October 2009 or while stocks last.
  • Cash deposit of min RM200 is required at the store to confirm your pre-order.
  • Collection date may change depending on stocks availability. Kindly call the stores before collection. Please collect your Limited Edition set at the same store which you placed your pre-order.


Special thanks to Landscape Pro to allow me to be one of the beta tester of iMeLo.

What is iMeLo?

iMeLo is a music player application for Symbian S60 5th OS platform with the most popular interface, iTunes that called ALBUM FLOW.

This application is quite useful for those music lovers for easy access to the songs they wanted by Album Arts.

Once you have clicked the album that you want, the entire album song list will be shown.

Kinetic scrolling are supported in this application for navigation between album arts and songs list.

Check out how the application works and smoothness of music scrolling experience.

Supported Nokia phone would be Nokia 5530, 5800, N97, N97 mini & X6.

This application has yet to released and still under development, the actual version will be coming out very soon.

Do check out their official website www.landscape-pro.net for more info and Forum are also available in discussion of this application.


Are you bored with the analog speedometer that you have on you car?

Offscr has developed an application to works as speedometer in digital supporting km/h & mp/h by using the built-in GPS to measure the speed.

This application works on S60 5th OS platform like Nokia 5800, 5530, N97, N97 mini & X6

Speedometer touch can be downloaded at Ovi Store and it's a free application.


XpressEXIF by Igor aka kAIST is an application of photos browser that works to show .jpeg files exif information and powered with kinetic scrolling capability.

The application will initialize/load all of the photos in the device before it actually shown the photos's exif and prompted all the photos in thumbnails.

The exif information that was shown in this application were as the screensnap below;

Here's a video to show how's the application works

XpressEXIF works perfectly on Symbian S60 5th OS platform like Nokia 5800 XPM, 5530XPM, N97 and N97 Mini.

Download XpressEXIF 

pros : Kinetic scrolling and fast photo load up.
cons : Loading are required for every start up mean it consume time. A lot memory took place to run the application.

Via [dailymobile]


Nokia has just released 2nd minor firmware update for Nokia N97 with V12.0.026.

As you can see, it's just a minor update whereas the kinetic scrolling has yet applied on this firmware update. The changes of this update were better memory driving and fixed web browser errors.

The update can be done via NSU & FOTA (Firmware update Over The Air) All you need to do is dial *#0000# on the dialler, go to option and check for updates. Connect via WiFi for the updates as data downloads are required for the updates unless you are on unlimited plan.

Firmware V20.X.XXX will be expected to release in mid of November 2009.


Opera has just released a new version of mobile browser, Opera Mini 5 Beta.

It's a total new interfaces that works as handy as the desktop version of browser. The browser works ideally on touchscreen devices such as Nokia 5800 XPM, N97 & N97 mini and also keypad-ed phone.

The Opera Mini has added a few quite practical features that I would say, such as speed dial, password manager, tabbed browser, power kinetic scrolling and option click (second click/right like mouse pointer)

Captured some screen snaps of Opera Mini 5 Beta.

Speed Dial - Speed dial works like a set of visual bookmarks of your favourite Web pages and can be access in with a single click. It's just like what IE 8 & Google Chrome has. Ergonomic mini QWERTY keyboard added for keys input. Auto complete URL also available for ease typing.

Tabbed Browser - With Opera Mini, you can have few Web pages loaded at the same time without interrupt one session to start another and the pages can be tabbed easily from one to another.

It displays the overview of page and suggests where to begin your reading before zoom in by double click. Kinetic scrolling and intelligent zooming made page reading easily and fast. Opera Mini are capable to detects Web page designed for mobile view and display optimally. It does support landscape & portrait display.

Highlight, Copy, Paste & Search are another interesting features that not to miss in a Web browser.

Password Manager - There's no more hassle to key in usernames and passwords over again when it can save your credentials.

Although it's a java mobile browser, it does able to give a superior web experience on a mobile device.

Pros: Fast and user friendly interface, awesome power kinetic scrolling, application launching seem way faster compare with older version.

Cons: Does not support video playback eg; Youtube and flash.

Download you Opera Mini 5 Beta now or visit http://m.opera.com/next with your mobile browser.


Nokia has just release new firmware update for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic V31.0.008 (for RM-356) & V31.2.008 (for RM-428).

The update are only applied on NSU as FOTA are unable to detect the new update.

There are no full details of the changelog yet. From what I can see, the interaction of the interface seem smoother and more responsive. The new Ovi Maps 3.0 are included in this firmware as introduced in Nokia World 09.

Kinetic scrolling and the new homescreen layout are yet added-on in this update. When the major update will released?

Nokia Software Updater can be downloaded HERE.


dsma has designed a theme Auriel used iMac Icon set with added 6 wallpapers & frame.

This theme is designed for Symbian S60 5th like Nokia 5800 XPM & Nokia N97.

Theme can be download HERE



Dr. Jukka has another useful application, Key Lock Clock.

Key Lock Clock is a freeware application that would be able shown the time, date, miss call and unread message without unlock the phone.

The default light to go out are 1 second, longer timeout can be set between 1 second to 3599 second /1 hour.

Additionally this application can be used as a Table clock when the charger is connected.

This version was designed for Symbian S60 5th OS platform like Nokia 5800XPM & N97. It's also should work well with all Symbian S60 3rd OS.

Key Lock Clock unsigned version can be download directly from Dr. Jukka website.

To sign the unsigned application can be done at Symbiansigned by filling in IMEI, email address and upload the unsigned file.

To check IMEI, key *#06# in dialler.


Nokia N97 will be getting a new firmware version 2 or to be exact V20.X.XXX.

The new firmware expected to be released on October 2009 with alot improvement and adds on eg;

The major changes would be system-wide kinetic scrolling.
Improved QWERTY typing experince with displaying alternative character when a key is pressed and held.
New facelife Music player.
Complete new widgets with CNN, MySpace, ESPN and etc.
Support VoIP.
New version of Ovi Maps.
Better memory handling with increased new memory allocation.

Below is the video of the new firmware 2.0 for Nokia N97.

Via [gsmarena]