Nokia has just officially announced the Nokia's 1st Symbian^3 device, Nokia N8's shipment.

The 1st batch of Nokia N8 devices has left the factories in Finland and China and now it making their way around the world. Being a global device launch, Nokia N8 will be shipped to tens of different languages to dozens of operators around the world

EVP of Nokia, Niklas Savander, announces that the first Nokia N8 devices have left the factories in Finland and China and are now making their way around the world.

Nokia Conversations has posted some photos of the Nokia N8 packed and shipped.

Those who pre-ordered will be received mostly by this weekend and more will get their hands on the devices in the coming weeks.

Nokia N8 please come to Malaysia fast! Hope to see more happy users of Nokia N8. :)

Source [NokConv] Nokia Press Release


As you all know, the new Nokia devices that run Symbian^3 has not only improved the UI, it has also enhanced the hardwares such as dedicated graphic and multitouch input.

This has helped the device to have more responsive UI by supporting more gestures input and greater memory management in order to have better graphic performance.

Check the videos below of some 3D games that run on the Nokia N8 at Nokia World 2010 that happened recently.

EA Need For Speed Shift

Real Football From Gameloft

Hero of Sparta

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Aardman Animation, film and television animation company that produced Wallace and Gromit series has just set a new Guinness World Records by filming "The World's Smallest Stop Motion Character Animation" and it was filmed using only new Nokia N8.

The animation was used a specially designed microscope and attached on the Nokia N8.

Here's the making of "Dot"

"It's Not Technology, It's What You Do With It"

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Fear no if you have missed out the LIVE! webcast of the Nokia World 2010.

Below are the highlight's keynotes of 2 days in Nokia World 2010 event that took place in London, UK.

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Nokia Betalabs just announced a new improved version of Ovi Maps V3.06.

This major updated bring updates of improvement such as refreshed user interface, searching experience, able to add new places and a new feature called Check-in.

Below are the improvement of the new version of Ovi Maps 
  • Pinch to zoom interaction (Only available on Symbian^3 devices)
  • Visually refreshed main menu and icons,
  • New maps with public transport lines (as a new map layer) for subways, trams and trains in 80+ cities around the world. Just click the map toolbox icon and select Transit lines,
  • Improved search experience - find places and addresses around you - or anywhere in the world - fast and easily. Browse places or enter a keyword in the search box. Now with suggestions and "did you mean?" functionality,
  • New place pages with description, reviews, pictures and places nearby. Interact with places in a whole new way - you can check in, contact, navigate, save, rate, share, report or see place on the map,
  • Share a place - send a place to your friends via SMS or Email. The SMS contains the address and a link to the place page with description, ratings, contact, URL and a mini map. The link opens up on the mobile browser (also on non-Nokia devices),
  • Check in - keep your friends up-to-date with where you are and what you're up to. Check in to places and share it with your friends on Facebook and many more social networks. See places you’ve been to in your check in history,
  • New Drive assistance mode with live traffic flow - after clicking Drive, you're instantly in drive assistance mode with live traffic flow and more. Once you start moving, get safety camera alerts and speed limit warnings,
  • More folder with many rich content services relevant to your location. Personalise your Ovi Maps by selecting the services you'd like to keep on your main menu for instant access.
This is how "Check-in" works in the new Ovi Maps.

Video of "Discover The World With The New Maps"

You can download the updated version of Ovi Maps V3.06 at Nokia Betalabs and made available download  for Symbian^1 and as well Symbian^3.

You can get the download at HERE!

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London, UK at Nokia World, Nokia has announced a new line up family of smartphone powered by the all new Symbian^3 which bring significant enhancements in term of speed and ease of use in UI.

The latest Symbian OS platform brings more than 250 new features and improvement and remain the familiarity enjoyed by millions of smartphone user worldwide.

Nokia C6-01, Nokia C7, Nokia N8 & Nokia E7.

Nokia C6-01

Nokia C6 is the small and stylish smartphone with a sporting 3.2" AMOLED display with full capabilities and as well feature the Nokia ClearBlack technology for improvement outdoor visibility and greater colour contrast.

The estimated retail price for Nokia C6-01 will be at EUR 260 exluding taxes and subsidies. It will be available in Q4 2010.

Video demo of Nokia C6-01;

Nokia C7

Nokia C7 is like it big C Series brother of C6-01 boosted with bigger screen, 3.5" AMOLED display with stunning combination of stainless steel body, glass and soft edges. It's as well features 8MP camera with capable of HD video recording

Estimated retail price of this device is EUR 335 before taxes and subsidies. Availability in Q4 2010.

Check out the video demo of Nokia C7;

Nokia N8

Nokia 1st 12MP cameraphone and Symbian^3 device that equipped with 3.5" AMOLED glass screen display as well 16GB memory storage.

Nokia N8 will be available in Q3 2010 with RRP of EUR 370 before taxes and subsidies.

Nokia N8 video demo;

Nokia E7

Successor of Nokia Communicators, powered with Symbian^3. Although it's BIG but it's also BIG in features. Couldn't ask for more from a device with Full QWERTY + Touch that run on Symbian^3.

It has a big size 4" touching screen featured Nokia's new ClearBlack technology for better outdoor visibility. E7 is the perfect shape and size to work on documents, review spreadsheets, or read and edit slides.

Nokia E7 is estimated retail price at EUR 495, excluding taxes and subsidies. Expected be available in Q4 2010.

Video demo of Nokia E7;

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Having problem loading flash on your N900 especially Facebook?

Tweak Flash Plugin Version V0.3-Maemo0 is here for you, an app developed by Attila Csipa from Maemo.Org.

All you need to do is download Tweak Flash Plugin HERE with your Nokia N900.

Install the apps. After that run the app, you will come to the view as below;

Under Change to: option select Linux, 10.0.45 (Desktop) - recommeded.

Click change and you can have web surfing on your browser with Flash Lite 10 enabled.

You are now able to play almost all the videos seamlessly on your Nokia N900.

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Another great Nokia N8 TV ad. This video is about peoples all around the world doing amazing things with Nokias like, microscopes with Nokia N95, Nokia Robots, Charging Nokia Phone with Hamster and a lot more.

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Nokia has just uploaded their the first official interaction unboxing of the Nokia 1st Symbian^3 device.

The video show 3 unboxers which are Brenda, Ryan and Suzy. It allow you to choose who or which colour of Nokia N8 to unbox.

Click on the video below to start.

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Before the phone actually released, the final user manual of the upcoming Nokia N8 is ready to download.

Now you can explore more about the phone before you purchase.

Download Nokia N8 User Manual in English (3.64MB)

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Last Friday I was invited by Nokia Malaysia for a preview session for the upcoming Nokia N8.

There are 10 prototype of Nokia N8 prepared for us to test and explore.

The session was conducted by Mr. Glen Cha, Head of Operative Product Management for Nokia Singapore, Malaysia & Brunei.

Glen introduced a few key features of the Nokia N8 such as Symbian^3, Web TV, Web Browser 7.2 with Flash Lite 4.0 supported, Multiple Homescreens, Visual Multitask and more.

Below are some photos and finding of my first touch of the Nokia N8.

Outlook & Design
Let start with the outlook of Nokia N8.


*click on images for larger preview*

The Nokia N8 is fully covered by anodized aluminium body in one-piece casing that made it feel sturdy and solid on hand.

As what I've posted previously Why Nokia Would Have One-Piece Concept? The build of one-piece is actually allowed the device to be slimmer and slicker.

The camera cover seem to be easily scratched due to the curve design.

The screen size of this device is 3.5" AMOLED 360x640 nHD. The glossy glass with AMOLED screen are very bright and vibrant in colours, a great screen to view HD images & videos.

The capacitive screen is very responsive as compare with Nokia X6.

Finger magnet screen.

Nokia N8 has a large camera image sensor which as equivalent to a standalone compact camera. It also paired with a powerful Xenon of fill flash light.

The camera function is as good as a compact digital camera with face detection and as well 720p HD video recording.

Sample photos taken with Nokia N8 without touch up, just resize to 1024px;

9MP, Widescreen Resolution, Without Flash - SAMPLE 1
9MP, Widescreen Resolution, Night Shot, Without Flash - SAMPLE 2
12MP, High Resolution, With Flash - SAMPLE 3

USB On-The-Go
This is something new that brought by Nokia, USB On-The-Go.

As you can see the images below, USB OTG is a function that allow external mass storage devices (eg: Pendrive, Ext. HDD or even phone that support mass storage) to connect with the Nokia N8 that allow files access/transferring.

Limited to FAT32 format.

I noticed the Symbian^3 interface is quite similar to S^1 but with a lot improvement in performance and as well UI interactions. Thus users would not be confused or relearn on how to operate.

The respond is fast thanks to it dedicated chipset of video and audio, allow the OS to have better management.

Integration of Facebook & Twitter in phone was found also found in S^3. Web browser 7.2 with Flash Lite 4.0 support was used in this device, it mean more webpages can be view without any 3rd party apps.

Nokia N8 will start available in Malaysia early of October 2010 and there will be 3 colours first to be out which are Dark Grey, Green and Silver, followed by Blue and Orange.

Price: TBA (How much would you pay for this device?)


Nokia N8 has been a hot topic for the past 5 months and finally it's ALMOST reaching to the Nokia Store's shelf.

As some of you may have know, Nokia N8 is the 1st Nokia device to run Symbian^3 and to own a 12 megapixel camera with capability of 720p HD video recording.

There gonna be a Nokia N8 Preview Session held in Kuala Lumpur and I will be there. Any queries that you want to raise or curiousity to know, you can leave your comments here and will try to fulfill the questions.

You can also join the discussion tonight via Twitter, just Follow Me on Twitter and add #NokiaN8MY hashtag to raise your questions or doubt about Nokia N8.


Nokia and Swype Inc are proud to introduce Swype Beta for Symbian touch device.

Swype provides a faster and easier way to input text on any screen. With one continuous finger or stylus motion across the screen keyboard, the patented technology enables users to input words faster and easier than other data input methods—at over 40 words per minute. The application is designed to work across a variety of devices such as phones, tablets, game consoles, kiosks, televisions, virtual screens and more.

Swype has worked closely with Nokia to bring you the best text input experience on your S60 5th Edition handset. Swype plugs directly into the Symbian input method to ensure seamless integration with every application on the device.

Swype excels in language support, allowing users to Swype in many different languages. Swype Beta for Symbian includes support for English US, Spanish, Canadian French, and Brazilian Portuguese. The Swype keyboard will not be available unless you set the writing language to one of these four supported languages. Extensive language support is part of our ongoing development and more languages will be supported in the future.

Key features

  • Standard QWERTY keyboard layout makes Swype easy to learn
  • Use a stylus or finger – Swype’s amazing input path analyzer allows you to go fast and sloppy. Just make a reasonable effort to trace through the word and Swype will do the rest
  • Double Tap Editing – Make a mistake? Double tap on a word to bring up a list of other possible matches.
  • Auto-Spacing
  • Auto-Capitalization
  • Auto Spelling Correction
  • Automatic Help – Swype detects when you may be having trouble or might benefit from a particular feature and prompts you with helpful tips and instructions
  • Instant access to Symbols, Numbers and Editing functions
  • 65,000-word Learning Dictionary – Chances are the word you are typing is already in the Swype dictionary. If it isn’t, just tap it out once followed by a space and Swype will remember it for future use.
Check out the video below of how Swype works;

Swype for Symbian Beta is currently tested and compatible with Nokia S60 5th OS touch screen device such as Nokia 5230, 5800, X6, N97 and N97 mini.

Head over to NokiaBetalabs for details and download.