Nowadays Nokia are really into touchscreen smartphone portfolio. Nokia N97 mini (the actual name yet to announce) will be introduced most probably on the NokiaWorld09. The codename of “mini” were given due to its design and outlooks are very similar to the current Nokia N97 by smaller size.

Sizes have never been grievance for the Nokia N9X series although the size is big and bulky.
eg; the first launched of Nokia N95, it was criticism for it bulky size but the rich features compensate it all.

The appearance of the new N97 mini is a bonus to those who wanted to have a loaded features phone in a smaller and compact that fitted comfortably on our palm. The Nokia N97 mini has removed the non so-crucial parts but still performance well.

The reduction was the reduced screen size from 3.5” to 3.2”, the D-Pad has removed as the touchscreen would do the job and the internal memory size reduced from 32GB to 8GB with expandable memory slot for micro-SD.

Here’s are some specification of the Nokia N97 mini;

3.2” touchscreen.
Symbian S60 5th OS platform, the user interface are the same with current N97.
8GB Internal Memory with expandable memory slot micro-SD.
Restyled QWERTY keyboard layout and removed the D-Pad button.
5 Megapixels Carl Zeiss optic with dual LED flash.
Kinetic scrolling will be available.
A-GPS with Nokia Maps and Ovi Maps supported.

The most exciting thing is the price tag would be expected lower by 100 USD = 350 MYR compare with the current Nokia N97. A great deal I would say, what do you guys think? What name will be used for this model? N97i? N98?

Do leave your comments. Appreciated!

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As the big day of NokiaWorld09 is getting closer, a lot new Nokia phones are leaked out and one of it was Rover aka RX51 codename for Nokia N900 the successor of Nokia N810.

The full specification of this Internet tablet has yet to be announced.

Here are some of the features of the Nokia N900 would have;
Based Maemo 5 Linux OS.
ARM Cortex-A8 CPU.
32GB Internal Memory and Hot Swap micro-SD card.
5 Megapixel Camera with AF and Dual LED flash with lens cover.
1320mAH Battery
TV-Out, Kickstand
Micro-USB (work as charger) & 3.5mm audio Jack.

Here are 3 videos that Nokia has just released showing the new Nokia N900.

A short promo of the new Nokia N900.

Interaction Maemo 5 on Nokia N900.

Would Nokia ditch Symbian if found Maemo is more stable and more suitable for mobile OS platform? What do you guys think?

Please do leave your comments.

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Nokia has just unveiled another 5000 series XpressMusic phone with touchscreen capability, Nokia 5320 XpressMusic.

It’s an entry-level touchscreen much similar to the Nokia 5800 XPM but with more affordable price tag. This Nokia 5230 XPM is powered by Symbian S60 5th OS platform and features a 3.2” nHD (640px X 360px) resolution TFT resistive touchscreen.

Although WiFi was pulled off from Nokia 5230 XPM, it has is geared up with speedy 3G/HSDPA connectivity to allow you stay in the loop in your social networks communities.

It has a decent 2.0 megapixel camera. The A-GPS are still intact with Nokia Maps or Ovi Maps.

Nokia 5230 XPM has the all peoples dribbling about, inventive homescreen with kinetic scrolling contact bar and media shortcut bar like the Nokia 5530 XpressMusic has.

It comes with 2 colours to choose from of the front panel and 5 vibrates colours of silver, red, pink, green and dark silver for the rear covers.

Here's a simple comparison between the 5000 XPM series.

The Nokia 5230 XPM will be expected to be on Nokia’s shelves Q4 2009 at the price EUR145 (US$213 before taxes and subsidies.

Below is a short promo video of the Nokia 5230 XPM;

What do you think about this phone? Do leave comment here.


After more than 25 years as the leader in phone maker, now Nokia has take a big leap participating themselves in PC world with the new Windows based; Nokia Booklet 3G.
This will be Nokia’s first Windows based Netbook entering PC market.

Nokia Booklet 3G will be powered by Intel Atom Processor delivers seamless performance with up to 12 hours* of battery life allow people to leave their power cable behind and still be connected and productive.

Although this mini-laptop only weight 1.25kg, a nearly 1.99cm thin it has all the features in-built for mobility in the go. Nokia Booklet 3G comes with astonished bright and clear 10.1-inch HD display added with a single front-facing camera for video conference. It also has a HDMI output port for High Definition video projector.

As for the connectivity, it has embedded 3G/HSDPA on board and supported hot-swappable SIM card for ready mobile broadband anywhere-access on the movie. Beside that WiFi has also wedged on it. Bluetooth and SD card slot are make available for easy transfer or synchronisation between Bluetooth devices like phone and camera.

It’s doesn’t stop here, Nokia Booklet 3G has embedded on-board Assisted-GPS which works well with Ovi Maps gadget. It can pinpoint your position in seconds and open up access for a truly personal maps experience.

The Nokia Booklet 3G also brings a number of other rich Ovi experiences to life, whether its access and playback of millions of tracks through the Nokia Music Store, or using Ovi Suite to sync seamlessly from your Nokia smartphone, to your mini-laptop, to the cloud.

There are still more details to come at Nokia World 09 on 2nd September.

Before that let watch Nokia Booklet 3G introduction video.

*it could be vary depends application to run.


What's the craziest things you have done with your phone?

Here is a video that created by James Whatley and he did a bungee jump with his Nokia N86 in Victoria Falls, Africa.

More info about Nokia N86 8MP


Nokia N-gage has just released an update for S60 3rd Edition OS platform phone with version 1.40(1557)

The update can be done by visiting the N-Gage showroom and notification will pop up automatically and ask for install new version or you can just the update function inside the N-Gage application.

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In collaboration of the release of Nokia N97, Shazam Ent'Ltd has come out with a generous offer to all Symbian user. ShazamID will be given free to download at Ovi Store and to be use basis until 30th of Nov. 2009.

ShazamID is an application that capable to identify the artist, title and album by recorded/tagged a few second of a music/track.

Once it has been identified, the music can be downloaded from the Nokia Music Store with a simple click.

Here's some screenshots of the ShazamID.

ShazamID supported S60 3rd & 5th OS platform and can be downloaded directly from Ovi Store or by using your Nokia phone surf http://ovi.store.com.


Good news to all Nokia N97 users, Nokia has just released firmware update for Nokia N97 V12.0.024. This is the 2nd firmwares update since it released in the market.

Changelog with the new firmware V12.0.024

- Fix for browser cache consuming more than specified in C drive
- Battery indictor showing wrong status (2-3bars) when charging completes
- Firmware over the air (FOTA) setting correction
- User interaction to device while FOTA may cause need for user to power on/off
- Fix for calendar entry lost
- Fix for mail that may get duplicated
- Fix to resolve GPRS access point selection even if WLAN access point is available
- Fix to not to ask user to do new profile while there is already one available
- Fix to display messaging application correctly when theme effect is set to ON
- Fix for Ovi store client may not properly installed if user has a client already installed earlier version
- Ovi store application is now updated

The firmware can be update via NSU (Nokia Software Update) or FOTA, (Firmware Over The Air).

For those who can't update, do be patient as only few countries has the update released.


Do you guys still remember there was once a very famous game that available on Nokia 3310, Snakes?

Here is an awesome promote video made for N-Gage and tribute to the world's most played game "Snakes"

This is a real human made Snake video with 1000 peoples moving frame by frame and step by step.

Here's the Human Snake behind the scene

Have you played Snakes before?


Gravity by Mobileways has released an update version of 1.20.

For this new update, mobileways has added Facebook support where you can have all the updates/news from your friends on the go.

Gravity has now become a very handy social network tools to stay connected via twitter and facebook.

Gravity V 1.20 is a shareware and can be downloaded at Mobileways.

There is *cough* version but do advise to purchase, appreciate the efforts of the developers.

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