Today - Yahoo has unveiled the first official Android Flickr app with new features that allow users to to have a quickly and easily photos sharing services in real time with friend and family.

With the new Flickr for Android, users will be able to access to all their own photos, as well as their albums and contacts. There will be an activity streamline of photos that your friends have uploaded/shared.

Its more that photos sharing whereby it has features such as Instagram-like filters, likes, comments, photo data and getotag. The app come with 10 filters which almost identical to Instagram. The photos will automatically uploaded to Flickr and you can also shared via Twitter, Facebook and email.

Official Flickr Android App.

The best way to share your life in photos – now available on Android! Take beautiful photos with our in-app camera, enhance with filters, then share on Facebook, Twitter and more.
- Capture and enhance with one of our custom filters. High resolution photos that look good everywhere (on your PC, tablet or internet fridge).
- Upload straight to Flickr and share to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, via email and more. Stay up to date with latest comments and activity on your photos too.
- When you upload to Flickr you also get access to powerful online organizational tools, groups, fun photo apps, and a community of over 60 million members. That’s a whole lotta photo sharing unleashed in one app!


• Share photos only with the people you want to with easy privacy settings.
• Full screen browsing and slideshows for your photos, your contacts photos or any of the public photos from the global Flickr community.
• Share the story behind your photo with titles, descriptions, comments and tags.
• Keep your track of where you took your photo by keeping your location data automatically through geotagging.

Currently only available on Android, I believe it will make their way to iOS very soon.

Download Flickr App for Android - Android Market


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