Yesterday I've attended a sharing session of the new upcoming E series, Nokia E5. A successor of the Nokia E63 with enhancement and polished up in term of software and as well in hardware.

We were given the chance to hand-on the proto of the Nokia E5. Surprisingly, the built quality of this phone is sturdy and solid. The keyboard keycaps/pillows is slightly rounder compare with E63/72, gave more better press of the keys.

Nokia E5 features;

It has 2.4" screen with 320 x 240 pixels
ARM II 600MHz processor running on Symbian OS v9.3 platform
Full QWERTY Keyboard
5 megapixel fixed focus camera with LED flash
A-GPS with unlimited drive & walk voice navigation
3.5mm audio jack
Facebook integration with contact
Preloaded with Office Communicator
The Facebook integration is a great add-on that allow you to merge your Facebook's friend onto your phonebook's contacts. It allow you to see theirs status and as well availability. The merging would allows you to have profile picture on your contact via Facebook, no more hassle to get photo for your contacts.

USB works to transfer files and as well for power charging.

The new Nokia E5 will be expected on shelf in these few week and the RRP will be RM830. A quite value for money with all the features available for business and as well social networks.

What do you think about the new Nokia E5?


Another reviews of the upcoming Nokia N series device Nokia N8 by Which.

A quite positive review given out by the few bold key features such as Dobly Digital Plus, HDMI, 12MP with Xenon, HD video recording and much more.

Check out the review video by Which.

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Check out the upcoming Nokia E series Nokia E5 "How-To-Use" tutorial videos by NokiaSupport.

Insert the memory card

Install SIM card and battery

Keylock and power key

How to use QWERTY efficiently

Take a picture and share it online

Modify homescreen and add contacts to contacts bar

Get familiar with Facebook phonebook

Share a location with your friends on Facebook

Set up email

Create message and send it to a number and email

How to use voice guidance to navigate to a location


Enjoy over 250 new features on upcoming Symbian^3.

Multiple personalised home screens.
Personalise your home screen to fit your life: discover new widgets easily; organise them over as many pages as you like; follow as many email accounts, friend feeds or even weather forecasts as suits you. All with the new home screen in Symbian^3.

Multiple touch.
Swipe to scroll, pinch to zoom, tap to open. Navigating around your Symbian device has never been easier.

Put movies and games on big screen.
Take advantage of your flat screen TV: plug in your phone to share your holiday photos and videos with family and friends, or to stream your favourite TV series or YouTube video. HDMI makes all this possible.

Turbo charged graphics.
A new graphics architecture turbo charges Symbian^3. Visual flourishes abound, delivering on the cool factor while ensuring that devices stay fast and responsive. And being Symbian, this is all themeable, so you can really make your device your own with a new look that goes way beyond wallpaper.

Real multitasking.
Symbian has always led the field in multitasking: listening to internet radio while browsing the web and leaving photos uploading in the background are taken for granted. In Symbian^3 improved memory management allows more apps to run at once and a new visual task manager lets you switch apps with a swipe and a tap. And all with Symbian’s famed efficiency to give you long battery life.

Intelligent networking.
In Symbian^3 intelligent network management tailors performance to the user’s needs: optimising for high speed when uploading photos or smooth streaming for a VoIP call or video feed. One-click connectivity makes connecting to the Internet a breeze and manages transition between cellular and WLAN networks, letting you get on with your life.

Check out the preview of Nokia UI on Symbian^3.

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Nokia Support has uploaded a few tutorial videos of the Nokia C6. The features & what Nokia C6 can do.

Learn how to add items to and remove them from your Nokia C6 home screen.

Learn how to set up a new mailbox on your Nokia C6.

Learn how to subscribe to sharing services and share images and videos online, straight from your device.

Learn how to capture images and zoom in and out with your C6.

Learn to activate and operate your camera in video mode.

Learn how to upload your images to a sharing service.

Learn how to view your current position, move on the map and plan routes with your Nokia C6.

Learn how to create a new e-mail message with your Nokia C6.

Learn how you can add a new your favourite contacts to the home screen.

Learn how to navigate web pages with a touchscreen and how to bookmark your web pages.


Future of Mobile Computing with Intel & Nokia in MeeGo.

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Another new game added on Ovi Store for Nokia N900.

Tower Bloxx Deluxe by DigitalChocolate is one of the best mobile game developers. This game is a tower building game, where you building a skyscraper by dropping the floors of your tower one by one so it will be balance.

Reach the skies in a wacky skyscraper construction game that tests your reflexes and puzzle skills! Brought to you by award-winning game-maker, Digital Chocolate, this is a must-have, totally original game now on your Nokia N900!

Below some screenshots of the Tower Bloxx Deluxe;

The Demo Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D can be download now at Ovi Store for FREE. Do check it out!


Another great game for time killing, Maezer.

Maezer is an app developed by Blaizzen from talk.maemo.org for the Nokia N900. This game uses the accelerometer to move a ball across the 2D maze by tilting the phone till it finds the green box. A random maps will be reset according to the timer.

Installation for this apps can be found at talk.maemo.org/

Do share you thought about this game by leaving comment here.

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Good news to Nokia N97 user, the firmware of V21 has finally ended and a new firmware has released today. v. 22.0.110.

Do check the update for your N97 on NSU or Ovi Suite or via OTA.

No changelog available yet. If you have updated, do share about the new and changes of this new firmware.

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