The Oregon Trail is a classic educational travel game following a family heading west from Independence, Missouri to Oregon, during the gold rush in 1848

Assume the role of a wagon leader in a side-view journey where your strategic decisions must ensure the safety of your party along the treacherous Oregon Trail. Overcome the perilous journey to Oregon in America’s Wild West. Just like the real pioneers, experience the decision-making, problem-solving, and role-playing fun of this historical event. A unique strategy/educational game relating the first pioneers’ journey to Western American

A new journey is just over the horizon! The Oregon Trail: American Settler is coming soon to the App Store and we want to get everyone back in the adventuring spirit by making the original game absolutely FREE for just a few days!

- All of the decision-making, problem-solving and role playing fun of the original game.
- 8 skill-based mini-games including 2 challenges using the Accelerometer: hunt, fish, telegraph, etc.
- Random events (disease, bandits, hitchhikers, etc.) increase the challenge.
- Side-missions add more excitement to your journey, affecting your westward trek.
- Completely updated with refreshed graphics.
- Prepare your departure: Select your party members, purchase supplies and choose your departure date.

The Oregon Trail iPhone/iPod touch Trailer - By Gameloft

The Oregon Trail is selling for $0.99 from the App Store, currently it free for "a few days" via iTunes



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