New web browsers are now available for most Symbian smartphones and Series 40 mobile phones.

Browser 7.3 is available for all Nokia Symbian touch screen devices.

• Supported Series 60 5th Edition devices include the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, 5530 XpressMusic, N97, N97 Mini.
• Supported Symbian^3 devices include the Nokia E7, N8, C6, C7 and the C7 Astound.
• This browser will also be pre-installed on Symbian Anna and Bella devices such as the Nokia E6-00, X7-00 and the Oro.

The browser.nokia.com web site provides an example of emerging web design techniques that enable developers to build one site that automatically adapts to different screen sizes and browser capabilities.

Using modern web standards and technologies such as CSS3 media queries, the browser.nokia.com web site detects the screen size of each device (or computer) that accesses the web site.
The site also detects the browser's capabilities and web standards support such as CSS3 and HTML5.
Based on this information, we then deliver the most appropriate design and layout instructions for that device.
To ensure pages load quickly, we also adapt web site graphics to match the screen size. The images are also adapted to ensure they are clear and remain legible at small sizes.
Some of this adaptation happens on the server, before the page even loads. This ensures that small devices don't have to download content, code, or image that are meant for larger devices.

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