Today Nokia has officially released the new firmware for Nokia N900 PR 1.2 Globally.

The new update was available via "App Manager" and it should prompted you Maemo 5 update V. 10.2010.19-1.

You will be getting this in About Product to verify the success of the update.

Here are some changes that I found on the new firmware PR 1.2;

Facebook Chat has been added and that can be embedded with you contacts for easier communication.

No more MORE icons shortcuts that store some existing apps and new apps. All apps's list now shown on single click to menu.

Portrait View available make better web browsing experience.

Added My Nokia. You will be able to get free tips and support via SMS by subscribing it for FREE. Charges applied for SMS.

Finally the front camera can be utilised. Video Skype call are now finally supported,

The UI of the OVI Maps has improved with easier and better understanding.

DMTF are now supported. Eg *128*1*1# and more

Data Counter for Roaming added in this new firmware. It's good to keep track how much data you have used when you are on oversea.

Missed Call & Unread Messages notification are now shown on the keylock's screen. Sometimes it's quite hard to know whether there are any messages/missed calls. The blue LED's indicators doesn't indicate much informations.

There are 4 resolutions for camera can be select from 1.3MP, 3MP, 3.5MP (Widescreen) & 5MP.

Any others new features you could found on the new firmware?

Do share with us by leaving comments here. :)

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Nokia has just announced the released of the long waiting new firmware update for Nokia N900 PR 1.2. The software updates has come it way to UK today 25th May 2010 and globally release tomorrow 26th May 2010.

The new firmware PR 1.2 expected to brings some new great features;

Skype Video Call on the go.
Facebook chat integrated with contacts.
Pre-installed with QT4.6, deliver promising forward-compatible 3rd party apps for MeeGo.
Portrait internet browsing is a-go on the Nokia N900.
Ovi Maps received some update treatment on UI for better navigation experience finding you way around.
OVI store games can be downloaded like Jurassic 3D Rollercoaster, Zen-Bound, Angry Bird (Level Pack), Sygic, Kroll, Weatherbug and GoGadget.
and alot more.

Firmware update can be done with App Manager and Update.

Be sure to update the firmware from tomorrow onward.

Via [NokiaConv]


The creator of Nokia N900 Theme for Symbian OS, Mandeep from NokiaMobileBlog has come out with a new theme based-on Android.

This Android's Theme features a new looks and feel of Android;

- The same idle screen.
- Active screen.
- Android style application drawer
- Android application's icons
- Android style soft keys.
- Android original analogue clock.

Below are some screenshots of the Android Theme run on Symbian OS.

This theme works with Nokia S60 3rd (Nokia E52, E71, E72, N96 and so on) & Nokia S60 5th (Nokia 5800XPM, 5230XPM, N97, N97 mini, X6 and so on).

Nokia S60 3rd OS
Nokia S60 5th OS

Do checkout Mandeep's website for more cool themes


In tune with the social nature of today’s gaming industry, Nokia’s Ovi Store is making available a slew of free mobile Flash games enhanced for competitive play in a unique collaboration with Singapore-based, multiple-award winning design studio, Breakdesign.

In conjunction with the availability of the new Flash games, a series of monthly competitions will be held for four months beginning 7th of May which mean tomorrow across the South East Asia Pacific region, including Malaysia.

The new games lined up for the competition are;

1. That Roach Game
2. Ninjani
3. Dawn of the Fly
4. Dawn of the Fly 2 (coming soon)
5. Monsterilla (coming soon)
6. 10 PM (coming soon)
7. Horseface (coming soon)

The game competition is hosted on Breakdesign's game platform, Barking Seed.

All of these games will make their way to Ovi Store progressively throughout the competition period and are exclusively available on Ovi Store only, until the competition ends in August 2010.

Participants stand a chance to win one of the 25 prizes monthly, including the the Nokia X6, the Nokia BH-216 and exclusive Barking Seed merchandise as well as others attractive prizes.

The mobile Flash games will be supported by 29 Nokia devices, including an array of full QWERTY, touch and keypad device. The list of the supported Nokia devices can be found at Barking Seed official Competition & Prizes.

These Flash games are made available globally while the competition is only open to consumers in the South East Asia Pacific region. Anyone with a valid street address in these countries are eligible for the contest; Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka or Bhutan.

Just download a Barking Seed enabled games as mention earlier and submit as many scores as you can. At the end of each month the people who have submitted the most scores stand in line to win great prizes from Barking Seed.

A "Mystery Device" will be offered by Nokia as the grand prize for the 4th round. My guessing would be the upcoming Nokia N8.

Start downloads the games and have some good fingers workout to be in the chance to own a brand new Nokia X6 and alot more attractive prizes.


Tired with the same old "Turn Left & Turn Right voice navigation?"

Now Nokia with Ovi Maps has come out with customisable voice navigation by your own voice and used for drive guidance instructions. Meaning you will be hearing yourself guiding the way to your destination. How cool is that?

All you need to do is install the latest Ovi Maps and download Own Voice for Ovi Maps from Ovi Store.

That simple and you can start record your voice for navigation.

If you think your voice is cool/sexy enough, you may also allow to share them via Email, Facebook or even Twitter.


Have you download the latest Java Runtime 2.1 Beta?

About 2 weeks ago, Nokia Betalabs has released a new version of JRT 2.1 Beta replaces the earlier JRT 2.0 Beta. The final JRT 2.1 release will be included in Nokia devices based on the Symbian^3 platform as well for S60 5th as add-on.

This JRT 2.1 Beta has improved installation user experience, MIDlet start-up experience and security user experience. It has improved the stability of apps that need to be runs MIDlet.

The JRT 2.1 Beta have made Nokia Symbian phone to run smoother and reduced the "Memory Full" error message to pop up. Applications such as Opera Mobile 10 and Skyfire are able to run smoothly now.

Download the latest Java Runtime 2.1 Beta now.

*Compatible for only Nokia devices that run Symbian S60 5th Platform such as Nokia N97, N97 mini, X6, 5230 XPM, 5530 XPM, 5800 XPM and so on.


Everyone is now talking about the upcoming pro-shooter Nokia N8 with 12mp Carl Zeiss optic Nokia device.

This is just my personal view of the reason "Why Nokia Would Have One-Piece Concept?"

How many users would actually brought an extra battery when you go out? You would rather to have an extra charger along or maybe a car charger instead. There also an option for you to have extended battery charger that can bring it anywhere if you are a heavy duty user.

By having the battery sealed in the phone, it can actually minimize the thickness of the device of 2~3mm allow it to looks slimmer and sleeker.

Beside that, the Nokia N8 is having an AMOLED screen which consume much lesser battery allowing it to last longer comparing with others model.

What if the battery got faulty?

Ahmad360 a member from ArabNokia forum have the answer for us.

He has actually shared some photos of his proto Nokia N8 and the removal of the battery.

It just need a Tork T6 (a guessing from the photo) screwdriver to unscrew 2 screws at the bottom and the battery can be removed. From the photos below, the battery look just like common BL-4D battery that used on Nokia N97 mini that can be purchased easily.