NFC Near-Field Communication will now be available on all newly Nokia devices powered by Symbian Belle such as Nokia 600, 700, 701 & N9.

What can we do with NFC?

The video below explained


Snap and share
NFC makes it easy to share your favourite photos with friends and family. Just find the picture you want to pass on and tap the phone you want to pass it to. It’s that easy

Make more of the memories
Have you taken a great video or seen a film you just have to share? With NFC you can share videos between phones in a simple tap and make sure everyone enjoys your favourite moments.

Get in touch through touch
There’s no need to send messages or make a quick call in order to pass on contact details. NFC makes it simple to share business and personal contacts quickly just by tapping two phones together.


Listen in
NFC allows you to quickly pair your device with compatible wireless headphones. Whether you’re playing sport, travelling, or just at home, enjoy your own world of entertainment.

Play it loud
And if you want to listen a little bit louder and get the party started, simply pair your phone with compatible speakers to create the ultimate in home-entertainment.

Keep your hands free
If you’re busy doing other things, just tap your phone to connect to a compatible headset and enjoy handsfree conversation on the go. Just tap again to disconnect. No menus. No fuss. No hands.


Tap into a new world
With NFC tags you can take touch beyond the screen. Download the latest trailer for the year’s biggest movie from the poster you see in the street. Find out the colour and sizes available for that must-have jacket just by tapping the in-store display. Or get directions to the coolest restaurant in town from its interactive ad.

Whether it’s trailers or songs, microsites, maps or money-off vouchers – NFC tags allow you to tap into a whole new world of exciting content.

Source: Nokia


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