After the released of the major update for all Nokia Symbian^3 to Symbian Anna, NokiaBetalabs has released an update of camera for Nokia N8. This application is an upgrade to the built-in camera application for Nokia N8 which suppose to squeeze into the Symbian Anna release.

This new updates brings
- Better UI with faster access to essential camera control
- Improved quality video recording, by cranking up the video recording speed to 30fps at the same time added continuous auto-focus.
- Enabled the red eye removal algorithm in auto flash mode.
- Shutter speed bug in Night Potrait resolved
- Exposure compensation control added
- ND filter disabled in video capture mode, helping to maintain a more stable video frame-rate
- Smoother zoom and more.

This camera update can be downloaded at NokiaBetalabs and more info can be found on NokiaConversations.

*this update only apply for Nokia N8 that runs on Symbian Anna. If you do not have Symbian Anna, you can check it at http://www.nokia.com/softwareupdate
*please restart your device after installing the update.


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