Swype Beta for Android, a fast custom keyboard predictive input from a single motion on a screen has just released a new update with several new gesture based features.

They have added advanced actions such as copy, paste, cut and select all on Swype. A Swype from Swype Icon to either C (Copy), V (Paste), X (Cut) and A(Select All), same like Windows key command.

Beside that there are other shortcuts like Swyping from icon to TW will direct you to Twitter and to GM will direct you to Google Maps.

A Personal Dictionary Management has added to allow you to manage the words that you add to your Swype dictionary directly through the setting menu. Add, remove, and edit words through a browseable list. You can also completely reset your personal.

You can download the Swype Beta at beta.swype.com.

Note: The new beta won't work with devices that already have Swype pre-installed.

Check out how the new Beta Swype works


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