Mark Guim from TheNokiaBlog has demoed to us a web browser for Windows Phone that found works better compare with the default IE.

Check out the video below demo-ed SurfCube 3D Browser on Nokia Lumia 800.

It has an interesting user interface where you can swipe from edges to open tabs, settings and address bar. Beside that, Surfcube 3D has the solution of failed web rendering with IE on Facebook Touch site.

Here's the features of SurfCube 3D;

  • Tab support
  • Portal reading mode: any page can be set to open links in new or background tabs by default
  • Full HTML5 compatibility
  • Share a page via email, Twitter, Facebook, Windows Live and LinkedIn
  • Supports landscape and portrait orientation
  • Orientation lock
  • Pin pages to start menu
  • Desktop Mode
  • Search (Google)
  • Private mode
  • Can run under the lock screen so returning after being powered off is instantaneous
  • History and favorites to help finding that website again
  • Bandwidth saver mode for sites that don’t have a mobile mode. Even images can be turned off for a truly fast and low cost browsing!
  • Save Images to your phone
  • YouTube video playback (to remove ad, buy the full version)

SurfCube 3D Browser is now available in MarketPlace for $1.99 USD for full version or you can download the free version with ad-supported.

SurfCube 3D Browser MarketPlace link



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