Apple is not going to port MeeGo OS onto iPhone, it just dreamboard of Nokia N9 that wrote by Modmyvi.

It has the three identical homescreens notification, menu icons and multitasking view. Beside that it also got the 4 quick icons launcher when you swipe up on lockscreen.

Check out the Dreamboard Nokia N9 theme in action below

  • N9 Weather and Clock Widgets
  • N9 Lockscreen
  • N9 Lockscreen Notifications
  • N9 Feed Widget (only twitter for now)
  • N9 Icons
  • N9 "multitasking" page (the tiles currently do not move but we are working on it)
  • N9 Continuous scrolling between pages
  • N9 Lockscreen wallpapers (dreamboard does not have a way to change lockscreen wallpapers so they have to be changed manually)
This dreamboard only applicable for jailbroken's iPhone.



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