Do you guys still remember there was once well-known handheld digital pet, Tamagochi?

Cupuppy is a free iPhone game that you can have an adorable digital puppy on your iPhone which similar to Tamagochi. You can name it, feed it with Ginger Man and play with it. You can also take picture of it and share it to your friends by email.

  • After eating the Ginger Man, Cupuppy will be able to mimic you in a cute voice.
  • If you spend time with Cupuppy, you will discover his heart-melting cuteness.
  • You can take pictures for Cupuppy, and share them with your friends.
  • Cupuppy will get hungry, tired, and moody. Please take good care of him.
  • He will leave for good if you don't pay attention.

liewcf highly recommended to parents to have it so theirs kids to sit still at any place.

Adopt your Cupuppy now on iTunes/App Store



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