On the 21st Jan, Nokia has decided to give free walk & drive navigation for the new Ovi Maps supported Nokia devices.
Ovi Maps is a GPS based navigation program that works to navigate from one destination to other destination by driving/walking.

First you may need to update to the latest Ovi Maps via Ovi Store or check the Softwares update from your phone.

You also can download it manually to you PC HERE.

Next, get Maploader to download the updated maps and voice navigation. There are over 70 countries and 40 over voice language pack for the turn-by-turn navigation.

To use Maploader, Nokia PC Suite are required to be installed

This is how Ovi Maps menu look like.

The UI of Ovi Maps is simple and user friendly. The loading/exiting of Ovi Maps is absolutely fast.

The premium features are available such as Share Location via Facebook, Weather Forecast, Events, Lonely Planet & HungryGoWhere.

3 different views of the maps are available; Terrain View, Map View and Satellite View. It does support 3D view & night time mode.

The navigation are very simple. Click/Tap on the Find Places and search for your destination. It will list you the most similar closest/search result. Click/Tap on the destination you want and select Drive/Walk. It's that simple.

Share Location works as how FourSquare does where it share where you are now via Facebook.

Events is to check what and where events that going only around your places.

Weather Forecast are also available in Ovi Maps.

If you travels a lot, Lonely Planet and HungryGoWhere would come in very handy.

Lonely Planet

It's a Travel Guides apps for travel advice, tip and destination information.


HungryGoWhere is the best foods guide of Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne and a lot more of restaurants and pubs. It has foods review with rating and best for money before you actually dine-in. Indeed a good apps to kill hunger with great foods.


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