What is Nokia ComesWithMusic all about?

Nokia ComesWithMusic is a music services provided by Nokia to have unlimited music downloads legally from most of the major labels Music Companies like EMI, Sony Music, Warner Music, Universal and more.

When you have purchased a Nokia ComesWithMusic you are entitled to get 12 months unlimited music downloads and the best thing is you can keep the music forever.

For time being the only devices that supported this feature is the Nokia N97 mini and the so-to-be-launched Nokia X6.

Here a short video to show you a rough idea how the Nokia ComesWithMusic works

Once you have purchased a Nokia ComesWithMusic phone you will be given an activation card with code on it to activate the ComesWithMusic services.

Download and install the Nokia Ovi Player (it works as a music management as well as a music player when you minimized it) if you are already an existing Ovi account user, just sign in with you ID or register a new account with Ovi.

Once is done, key in the activation code and you may start downloading music or even the entire album with just one click. The downloads doesn't limited only with laptop, it also can be download straight from the phone as well.

The website of the Nokia ComesWithMusic catalogue is neat, well categories/organized for ease search.

Example; Top 40 Album Charts, Top 40 Singles Chart and Genre from Asian, Bollywood, Pop, Dance, Country and so on. There were also a list of most downloaded music where you can get the latest what the music up to.

It's a great way to discovering new songs and new artistes with ComesWithMusic.

All the songs downloaded are in Digital Rights Management (DRM) wma format whereby it's protected and not transferable to other's computer/phone. So all the music you've download are bond with one computer and one device with ComesWithMusic account, you are allowed to change the dedicated device once every 3 months if anything happened.

So what do you think about the Nokia ComesWithMusic services?

Does it worth every single penny you paid for a Nokia ComesWithMusic phone?


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