Save the monkeys! Only you can help them in this revolutionary new puzzle game! Travel between five tropical islands, leading your tribe of monkeys to safety by building bamboo structures of all shapes and sizes. The structures react to the basic laws of physics, which means tough times for the monkeys if they break! Winner of “Best Casual Game” - 5th Annual International Mobile Gaming Awards

Tropical Towers is a brain-twisting action puzzle game that drive much of its fun from the superly animated monkeys who guide you through the game.

How the game works? By building structures out of bamboo sticks for them to clim and swing across to safely reach the exit of each 2D platform level. There are limited number of sticks to built the structures thus you have to think careful on every built.

The animation of this games is quite impressive.

This game works well with Nokia 5800 & Nokia N97 and can be downloaded from Nokiaseries.net


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