What is OVI Files?

OVI Files is services provide by Nokia that allow you access files on your computer from any remote PC via Web browser or mobile device.

Basically, there is an OVI Files Agent that runs on your computer (connected to the internet) and the remote agent will allow the computer to be synchronised and files sending when the user account tried to access.

There's a feature labelled "Anytime Files" whereby it will send copy of the files and saved in Nokia's server, the user will be able to access them "anytime" even the remote PC were offline.

The services now it's completely free. 10GB of complimentary service were given to the OVI account users.

All you need to do is to click on OVI Files

Create an OVI account if you doesn't have one and for those who does just type in your user ID and password.

Downloads of the remote PC agent will be prompted, download the program and install.

Now you can remote access your computer's files anywhere and anytime with your Nokia mobile phone or other computer via web browser.

Widget for OVI Files are also available to be downloaded on the OVI Files browser.

These are some screenshots of the OVI Files.

You will be able to access to My Documents. My Music, My Pictures, Local drives and also Desktop with OVI Files.

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