Nokia has just rolled out Nokia PR1.2 firmware for Nokia N950 (developers only) by Nokia Developer Forum. This new firmware has lot of bug fixes and add-ons  new features.

These are the changelog

  • New languages
          - Persian
          - Hebrew
          - Kazakh
          - Thai
          - Vietnamese

  • Software update notifications for content in Nokia Store
  • Face recognition for gallery and face tags for Facebook
  • Support for folders in the application view
  • Mail for Exchange global address book lookup
  • Mail thread support in the Email client
  • Extended copy-paste support
  • Media sharing with DLNA compatible devices
  • Improved browser history view
  • Compass support in Maps
  • QtWebKit update to version 2.2
  • New font taken into use
  • Front camera support
  • Video editing support in the Gallery application
Full changelog can be found at http://harmattan-dev.nokia.com/release/N950/Nokia_N950_PR12_Release_Notes_v02-6_en.html

Screenshot from the new firmware update

New folder option in menu.

Dropbox in accounts menu.

Face recognition in gallery.

Add face in option menu.

Easy toggle flash option in camera.

Composition grid + on/off control

Related videos in Video Player which similar to CuteTube.

New fonts in Twitter Clients.

Charge Phone option is removed in USB mode.

Video editor.

New icons on Cut, Copy and Paste.

Twitter and Facebook notification in Lock Screen.

DLNA supported.

These are few updates found on the new PR1.2 and added sound notification for app close and swipe shortcuts.

Will be expected it to be available on Nokia N9 once the firmware is mature to release to public.

Harmattan 1.2 befor for Nokia N950 is now available via One Click Flashers

What others features you would like to see on Harmatton MeeGo?



qqhakku said... @ January 28, 2012 at 11:14 AM

can it be use in NOKIA N9???

Joshua said... @ January 29, 2012 at 10:29 PM

Not at the moment. Nokia N950 is used to test all the alpha/beta firmware before releasing to Nokia N9.

It should be coming very soon.

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