Nokia N9 with a brilliant swipe, a very simple & natural gesture that everyone would be able to adapt easily.

There is this app available in Nokia Store called MyMoves bring a new way to execute/open apps in Nokia N9/N950. 

12 predefined gestures that you can set and allows each gesture to launch specific application, which will open  that app regardless where they in the phone's menu including lock screen.

MyMoves brings a new way to open apps in N9/N950. It comes with 24 predefined gestures that you can set to open any application you want. The gestures work from anywhere in the system, even the lock screen. All you need to do is to select the applications you want and the gestures are ready for use.

Check out MyMoves in action on Nokia N9;

MyMoves can be download directly from your MeeGo devices or from Nokia Store.


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