As you all know the Nokia N9 has start selling at Nokia Store from today and the RRP on 16GB variant will be retailing at RM1,799 and 64GB will be at RM2,088.

Today DiGi and Celcom has announced the data package for Nokia N9 and it's only fixed with the 16GB variant.

Now you can have the Nokia N9 for as low as RM1,199 with DG Smart Plan 68 tied with 24months contract.

And as for Celcom, they are offering the Nokia N9 16GB for RM968 with Celcom Exec 250 tier with 18 months contract.

If you are look for a lower commitment DiGi is the best choice IMHO.

For more info;

N9 DiGi Smart Plan
N9 Celcom Exec Plan
Swipe with Nokia N9 


If you followed DiGi_Telco, you should saw a Tweet from them. Doesn't it confusing?

I've verified with them and this is what they've replied

Now you can have the Nokia N9 for only RM1,049 with DG Smart Plan 88 on selected roadshow

Or enjoy RM10x12 rebate with DG Smart Plan 68 if purchase the Nokia N9 thru DiGi online. So the Nokia N9 is only RM1,079 instead of RM1,199.


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