Everyone is now talking about the upcoming pro-shooter Nokia N8 with 12mp Carl Zeiss optic Nokia device.

This is just my personal view of the reason "Why Nokia Would Have One-Piece Concept?"

How many users would actually brought an extra battery when you go out? You would rather to have an extra charger along or maybe a car charger instead. There also an option for you to have extended battery charger that can bring it anywhere if you are a heavy duty user.

By having the battery sealed in the phone, it can actually minimize the thickness of the device of 2~3mm allow it to looks slimmer and sleeker.

Beside that, the Nokia N8 is having an AMOLED screen which consume much lesser battery allowing it to last longer comparing with others model.

What if the battery got faulty?

Ahmad360 a member from ArabNokia forum have the answer for us.

He has actually shared some photos of his proto Nokia N8 and the removal of the battery.

It just need a Tork T6 (a guessing from the photo) screwdriver to unscrew 2 screws at the bottom and the battery can be removed. From the photos below, the battery look just like common BL-4D battery that used on Nokia N97 mini that can be purchased easily.


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