Have you download the latest Java Runtime 2.1 Beta?

About 2 weeks ago, Nokia Betalabs has released a new version of JRT 2.1 Beta replaces the earlier JRT 2.0 Beta. The final JRT 2.1 release will be included in Nokia devices based on the Symbian^3 platform as well for S60 5th as add-on.

This JRT 2.1 Beta has improved installation user experience, MIDlet start-up experience and security user experience. It has improved the stability of apps that need to be runs MIDlet.

The JRT 2.1 Beta have made Nokia Symbian phone to run smoother and reduced the "Memory Full" error message to pop up. Applications such as Opera Mobile 10 and Skyfire are able to run smoothly now.

Download the latest Java Runtime 2.1 Beta now.

*Compatible for only Nokia devices that run Symbian S60 5th Platform such as Nokia N97, N97 mini, X6, 5230 XPM, 5530 XPM, 5800 XPM and so on.


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