Today Nokia has officially released the new firmware for Nokia N900 PR 1.2 Globally.

The new update was available via "App Manager" and it should prompted you Maemo 5 update V. 10.2010.19-1.

You will be getting this in About Product to verify the success of the update.

Here are some changes that I found on the new firmware PR 1.2;

Facebook Chat has been added and that can be embedded with you contacts for easier communication.

No more MORE icons shortcuts that store some existing apps and new apps. All apps's list now shown on single click to menu.

Portrait View available make better web browsing experience.

Added My Nokia. You will be able to get free tips and support via SMS by subscribing it for FREE. Charges applied for SMS.

Finally the front camera can be utilised. Video Skype call are now finally supported,

The UI of the OVI Maps has improved with easier and better understanding.

DMTF are now supported. Eg *128*1*1# and more

Data Counter for Roaming added in this new firmware. It's good to keep track how much data you have used when you are on oversea.

Missed Call & Unread Messages notification are now shown on the keylock's screen. Sometimes it's quite hard to know whether there are any messages/missed calls. The blue LED's indicators doesn't indicate much informations.

There are 4 resolutions for camera can be select from 1.3MP, 3MP, 3.5MP (Widescreen) & 5MP.

Any others new features you could found on the new firmware?

Do share with us by leaving comments here. :)

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