Sonic Unleashed by Gameloft.

Everyone’s favorite hedgehog breaks new ground yet maintains his roots in Sonic Unleashed, featuring a new side of Sonic and bringing a dual gameplay. Dr. Eggman unleashes a powerful ray, that not only divides the world into four continents, but has an unexpected transformation on Sonic’s state. Sonic must retrieve the power of the Chaos Emeralds from across the globe to save the world… and himself! Benefit from Sonic’s legendary high speed capabilities by day, and use unfathomable new powers and abilities as you transform into the Werehog at night, and chase after your arch-enemy, Dr. Eggman!

Unleash the wild side of Sonic in a new game that mixes the iconic high-speed rollercoaster style of the Hedgehog with the heavy action of Werehog.

This Sonic Unleashed has make available for the touch screen phone like Nokia XpressMusic 5800 & N97 with virtual joypad and control on the screen.

The graphic of this game is superb on big screen like XpressMusic 5800 & N97 and given Sega feel. The biggest pullback, it's a non multitouch games with Nokia.

Download link source from nokiaseries.com


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