Album art is an images embedded of an album in a music.

Not all music has album art embedded along with the music you purchased or ripped from a CD.

Below are some example.

Music without Album art.

Music with Album art.

Album art refreshed the music playback interface outlook.

Here's the trick to add image on a non-albumarted music.
It's only applicable for MP3 format, WMA are not supported.

First you need to download the photo album that you wanted to use for the album art. Suggestion images.google

Play the song with Windows Media Player 9 or above.

Go to "Library", "Now Playing", right click on the song you want and select "Advanced Tag Editor"

Under the Advanced Tag Editor, go to Pictures Tabs and click add. Select the photo you have downloaded, change the picture type to "Cover (front)" and click apply.

Now you have your own custom album art of your music.

Work perfectly on any Nokia phone with Album Art support.


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