N97Geek has run 5 crazy stress test on the new Nokia 97.

Check the videos below.

Nokia N97 Stress Test 1 - Screen Scratch Test

Test 1: Screen scratch test. They used the stylus, a coin and a key to test just how scratch resistant the screen on the Nokia N97 is. The result? Hardly a mark on the screen. I really don't think you'd need a screen protector. Though I guess it always adds an extra layer of protection.

Nokia N97 Stress Test 2 - Pocket Test

Test 2: Pocket test. They placed the phone in a bag, along with coins and keys to see what damage could be done if you accidentally put the phone in your pocket with other stuff. Once again the N97 come out unscathed. Top marks so far.

Nokia N97 Stress Test 3 - Paintwork Scratch Test

Test 3: Paintwork scratch test. This time they tested how easily the paint work scuffed and scratched. Overall I we were pretty impressed with how well the paint work held up. The most fragile paintwork was on the rim of the keypad where the paint flaked off pretty easily, though generally this part of the phone will be protected by the keypad

Nokia N97 Stress Test 4 - Cereal Test

Test 4: Cereal test: So just what happens if you drop your N97 in a bowl of cereal? Well it gets wet obviously. The phone is still fully functioning at this point, minus the menu key.

Nokia N97 Stress Test 5 - Wash Test

Test 5: Wash test: If you happen to drop your N97 in a bowl of cornflakes, you're gonna need to wash it off right? Well no, not exactly, but for testing purposes we did. As you'll see in the video, washing with soap and water put the N97 out of action for roughly 2.5 hours, but minus some condensation on the screen.

Nokia N97 Stress Test 6 - Drop Test

Test 6: Drop test: The handset is dropped on grass, gravel and concrete from both hip and head height to see what damage is caused should you accidentally drop the phone. Again the N97 has withstood a battering.


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