Microsoft has just announced the new Windows Phone 8 at the Windows Phone Summit and everyone was wonder does the current Windows Phone 7.5 users will received the upgrades?

Unfortunately the answer is "NO" from Microsoft including the latest Nokia Lumia 900 or any other Windows Phone 7.5 devices. This is because of the kernel switch from Windows CE to NT.

However Microsoft will be an update for the existing users dubbed Windows Phone 7.8, which will bring over the new Start screen improvement. It has tiles customization that support three tile sizes and it will fill the entry screen with live tiles that make better accessibility.

This update will bring all the look and feel of the new Windows Phone 8 user-interfaces.

The Windows Phone 7.8 updates will be delivered to all Windows Phone users by passing the carriers and can be done OTA. The update will be rolled out very soon along with the launch of Windows Phone 8 device.

Basically that's the only thing announced for Windows Phone 7.8 according to @WindowsPhoneSupport

Introducing the New Windows Phone Start Screen

Live Tiles are the heart and soul of a Windows Phone. With the new start experience, your Windows Phone is even more personal than ever before

What do you think about the new Start screen? Wouldn't this be very cramp on small screen size like Lumia 610, 710 & 800?



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