Tons of leaked photos as well as video of the new upcoming Nokia phone with 4 rows keyboard layout by Negri Electronic. It has been debated whether it's an E7? N9? N8-01? or maybe C7?

From what can be seen by the photo & video of this Nokia proto phone. It's resemble the Nokia N97/N97 mini that has keyboard slider from bottom of the phone.

The screen size look massive large, probably 3.5" or 3.8" with no answer/end button as like the Nokia N8.

From the video below, this phone most likely will be using Symbian^3 OS platform. Beside that it has a 8MP camera paired with dual LED flash.

Capacitive screen with AMOLED was found in the video as it shown the standby clock that mostly AMOLED screen phone would have and it supported pinch-to-zoom.

HDMI port is also available, made the question of HD video recording answered.

Via [NegriElectronics]


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