Great news to Nokia N900 users that used foursquare. You can now check-in with foursquare via Cotchin!.

Cotchin! is a non-native apps that developed by a team located in Taiwan. Cotchin! is a web based foursquare app, an alternative foursquare's mobile web page with more user friendly interfaces.

Cotchin! work perfectly on Nokia N900. It would actually enable your GPS for Geolocation function to make life easy for locations search/nearby POI.

Below are some screenshots UI of Cotchin!

Neat & simple home screen.

Geolocation to find nearby locations that allow you to check-in by clicks. It also show the details of the check-in place like who's the mayor, tips & to-do as well adding new tip & todo.

Check out what and where your friends' up to.

Cotchin! is a quite impression web apps that work better than with the available foursquare clients now in the market.

What are you waiting for? Just point your web browser to http://cotchin.com/m on your Nokia N900 and discover the new way of foursquare check-in.

Via [MeegopOp]


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