Here gonna show you some shortcut that should come handy for Maemo 5 users.

Keyboard Shortcuts Inside the Applications:

  • Ctrl+Backspace takes you to taskmanager
  • Ctrl + C for copy text 
  • Ctrl + V to paste text
  • Ctrl + X 
  • Ctrl + A for moving text
  • Ctrl + O Used to open
  • Ctrl + N: Used to create a new item 
  • Ctrl + S: Used to Save
  • Ctrl + Z: Used to undo 
  • Ctrl + Y: Used to Redo 
  • Ctrl + F: Opens the search bar for searching 
  • Ctrl + Right arrow: Function as END key in pc move to the end of the word
  • Ctrl + Left arrow: Function as HOME key in pc move to the beginning of the word
  • Ctrl + Shift + P:Used to Capture the screen as image
  • Ctrl + Shift + X: Opens ‘X Terminal’

Keyboard Shorcuts for Web Browser:

  • Ctrl + N: Opens a fresh window in browser
  • Ctrl + R:Reloads the current page also can be used to reload the feed in RSS Viewer
  • Ctrl + B:Opens the Bookmarks folder
  • Ctrl + D:Save a new bookmark of the opened site
  • Ctrl + S:Save the current page.
  • Circular Zoom:To zoom the webpage


  • Volume Rocker can be also used to zoom.
  • Double tap can also used to zoom.
  • Press Space:To scroll one page down.
  • Press Shift + Space:To One Page up.

Email Shortcuts

  • Ctrl + Enter:To send the current composed email.
  • Ctrl + R:To open new window for sending the reply to the current reading mail.


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