XpressEXIF by Igor aka kAIST is an application of photos browser that works to show .jpeg files exif information and powered with kinetic scrolling capability.

The application will initialize/load all of the photos in the device before it actually shown the photos's exif and prompted all the photos in thumbnails.

The exif information that was shown in this application were as the screensnap below;

Here's a video to show how's the application works

XpressEXIF works perfectly on Symbian S60 5th OS platform like Nokia 5800 XPM, 5530XPM, N97 and N97 Mini.

Download XpressEXIF 

pros : Kinetic scrolling and fast photo load up.
cons : Loading are required for every start up mean it consume time. A lot memory took place to run the application.

Via [dailymobile]


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