After the announcement of Nokia N900 and released videos by Nokia Conversations, it's has created a great awareness about the new top-end coming Nokia phone based on Maemo 5 Linux OS.

Here's the 10 great features of Maemo 5 in Nokia N900.

Live Multitasking.

Nokia N900 are capable to have live multitasking support. It has 1GB of RAM (256MB dedicated + 768MB Virtual Memory) allowing the apps to run background and show status on task manager seamlessly.

Multiple Homescreen.

Maemo 5 on Nokia N900 allow to have up to 4 different homescreens and can be switched between by swiping the screen. Beside that widgets and shortcuts can be placed anywhere at your desire.

Full Mozilla Browser.

Mozilla browser were put on board with full Flash support and interactive mode where standard mouse pointer for copy, paste and other normal features.

Divx/xVid Playback.

Nokia N900 has the capability to play full-siz Divx/xVid videos out without conversion-needed or any additional application to purchase.

Multiple Calender Support.

Maemo5 includes extensive calendar options, even the ability to manage multiple calendars! You can color-code each one, and even synchronize with an Exchange server, if that’s your thing. No word on Google Calendar, though.


It has much more integrated experience with SMS and IM combined as it can easily keep track of the conversation rather than the boring message. Real time availability of the contacts can be viewed on Maemo 5 like Ovi Contacts. Skype were also integrated, so VOIP can be done easily.

Killer camera with sharing features.

It has a precious optic of 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and a host sharing option like Ovi Image Exchanger.

Ovi Maps Integration.

Ovi Maps are introducted in Maemo 5 and includes weather information.

Nokia Messaging full HTML support.

Nokia Messaging makes it easy to setup access to nearly any web email service on the Internet as well as many ISP email accounts.

In-built Accelerometer

When you rotate the Nokia N900 into portrait mode, the phone application automatically launches, so you have quick access to make your phone calls. This will also rotate the entire user interface, so you could simply close the phone application and prompted you the dialler to make phone call.

Via [Maemo-Guru]


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