The Nokia 8800 was once a flagship phone with it luxurious and beautifully design has make a comeback to market in one of the famous discount portal, Groupon.

This phone was announced first quarter of 2005 and was discontinued 5 years ago. It was once price tagged 800 euro (approx RM3,200) with basic function to call-in and call-out but with luxury design.

Now on Groupon, you can own this once a smartphone made for celebrities, businessmen, manager, for ordinary people with extraordinary income who want to stand for a good style, image and solidty for RM558.

This phone most likely not a new phone to be consider as refurbished.

With that price, you can a Nokia Lumia 610 and some entry level Android smartphone, unless you willing to buy it as a collector item.

Left 9 more hours for you to purchase it from GROUPON Malaysia


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