Demonstrate a great game by Games Academy for Windows Phone, Call of Carlos.

The mission of this game is to collect diamonds inside mining shafts while tries to break loose from lava that emerges from bottom of the shaft. You tilt your phone left or right to move and tap on the circles to move up with his pickaxe.

An interesting time challenge game with 40 levels to complete.

Use your grappling hook to escape the lava and collect precious diamonds!

You take control of Carlos, an apathetic and chubby mexican miner. One day, while doing his daily mining business, he suddenly finds a rare diamond inside one of the mining shafts. As he tries to break it loose, lava emerges from the bottom of the shaft! Carlos quickly grabs the diamond, takes his trusty pickaxe and tries to escape the lengthy mineshafts!

Game demonstrated on the Nokia Lumia 800;

Call of Carlos is available on Windows Phone for FREE. Download it from Marketplace or Zune.


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