Enjoy over 250 new features on upcoming Symbian^3.

Multiple personalised home screens.
Personalise your home screen to fit your life: discover new widgets easily; organise them over as many pages as you like; follow as many email accounts, friend feeds or even weather forecasts as suits you. All with the new home screen in Symbian^3.

Multiple touch.
Swipe to scroll, pinch to zoom, tap to open. Navigating around your Symbian device has never been easier.

Put movies and games on big screen.
Take advantage of your flat screen TV: plug in your phone to share your holiday photos and videos with family and friends, or to stream your favourite TV series or YouTube video. HDMI makes all this possible.

Turbo charged graphics.
A new graphics architecture turbo charges Symbian^3. Visual flourishes abound, delivering on the cool factor while ensuring that devices stay fast and responsive. And being Symbian, this is all themeable, so you can really make your device your own with a new look that goes way beyond wallpaper.

Real multitasking.
Symbian has always led the field in multitasking: listening to internet radio while browsing the web and leaving photos uploading in the background are taken for granted. In Symbian^3 improved memory management allows more apps to run at once and a new visual task manager lets you switch apps with a swipe and a tap. And all with Symbian’s famed efficiency to give you long battery life.

Intelligent networking.
In Symbian^3 intelligent network management tailors performance to the user’s needs: optimising for high speed when uploading photos or smooth streaming for a VoIP call or video feed. One-click connectivity makes connecting to the Internet a breeze and manages transition between cellular and WLAN networks, letting you get on with your life.

Check out the preview of Nokia UI on Symbian^3.

Via [SymbianTweet]


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