Yesterday after released the new Firmware 2.1 for Nokia N97. Today Nokia has just released a new firmware update for it's younger brother N97 mini V 11.0.045.

This gonna be the same firmware update of 2.1 as good as the Nokia N97 with the improvement/changelog of;

- Improved call reliability
- Smoother touch screen scrolling
- Browser improvements
- Music player improvements
- Improved image and video stability

The new update 2.1 only available thru NSU. Ovi Suite & FOTA will be available very soon.


Pooja said... @ February 10, 2010 at 7:51 PM

Nokia N97 mini has lots of improvements. The design and features are quite satisfying. Qwerty keyboard is very easy and comfortable. It has 5 mp camera and the image quality is quite decent. It has all features like 3g, bluetooth, GPS, camera etc. The call quality is really good. The only negative point is the bad user interface. For more details refer Nokia N97 mini review

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