After more than 25 years as the leader in phone maker, now Nokia has take a big leap participating themselves in PC world with the new Windows based; Nokia Booklet 3G.
This will be Nokia’s first Windows based Netbook entering PC market.

Nokia Booklet 3G will be powered by Intel Atom Processor delivers seamless performance with up to 12 hours* of battery life allow people to leave their power cable behind and still be connected and productive.

Although this mini-laptop only weight 1.25kg, a nearly 1.99cm thin it has all the features in-built for mobility in the go. Nokia Booklet 3G comes with astonished bright and clear 10.1-inch HD display added with a single front-facing camera for video conference. It also has a HDMI output port for High Definition video projector.

As for the connectivity, it has embedded 3G/HSDPA on board and supported hot-swappable SIM card for ready mobile broadband anywhere-access on the movie. Beside that WiFi has also wedged on it. Bluetooth and SD card slot are make available for easy transfer or synchronisation between Bluetooth devices like phone and camera.

It’s doesn’t stop here, Nokia Booklet 3G has embedded on-board Assisted-GPS which works well with Ovi Maps gadget. It can pinpoint your position in seconds and open up access for a truly personal maps experience.

The Nokia Booklet 3G also brings a number of other rich Ovi experiences to life, whether its access and playback of millions of tracks through the Nokia Music Store, or using Ovi Suite to sync seamlessly from your Nokia smartphone, to your mini-laptop, to the cloud.

There are still more details to come at Nokia World 09 on 2nd September.

Before that let watch Nokia Booklet 3G introduction video.

*it could be vary depends application to run.


Bernard said... @ August 28, 2009 at 11:37 AM

Ok Ok, got your lick..Ops i mean link.

Anyway, been wondering how much is this small little beast.

Anonymous said... @ August 28, 2009 at 1:01 PM

Bernard - Estimated around 2K MYR.

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